WarFriends MOD APK v4.9.0 (Menu/Unlimited ammo, grenade/No reload)

Gunfights in PvP battles always bring excitement to gamers. Referring to this gameplay, it is impossible to ignore WarFriends. The game combines with new gameplay, engages in battle with many opponents. Based on the skills you have, perform attacks to defeat the opponent.

Start with dangerous shootings, join each battlefront. Play the role of warriors, confront the dangers. The battle is constantly changing in WarFriends, creating many different experiences. Hold the gun and aim at the targets, resisting all counterattacks from the enemy.

Download WarFriends mod – Gunfight of brave warriors

The arena appears with a fun atmosphere with heroic characters. Take on each challenge that WarFriends has to offer. Action on each front, encounter countless different opponents. WarFriends will take you to fierce battles, showing off your shooting skills.

Coordinate with the army, monitor each enemy to eliminate them from the area. Take part in hand-to-hand gunfights, become the strongest fighter. Ready to face any challenge to win. Shine in the arena through attacks that make opponents unable to resist.

Intuitive skills, time, and controls will help players have the most authentic feel. Move towards the opponent, use the gun to shoot against the opponent. The game mode that WarFriends brings with many dramatic developments takes you to many battle areas.

Combine combat with teammates and use smart strategies. Enemies will constantly appear for you to attack, which is the primary mission in WarFriends. Complete the game levels and conquer the high scores.

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Strengthening the military force

The core force to fight with players will be soldiers. Deploy to build the strongest army with the participation of many troops. Choose warriors with good strength and fighting ability. Assemble an army into the dangerous battlefield. Recruit infantry soldiers, snipers and use additional support vehicles in every battle.

Tanks, helicopters, and even robots contribute to creating a considerable force to defeat all opponents. Constantly deploying defensive strategies, training them to add new skills. Fully equipped with weapons to join the battle, causing all enemies to fall. Lead the entire army to attack, making the attack impossible to resist.

Hero fighting in all arena

Each battlefield will be opened and bring new challenges for players. You will be facing countless different opponents. Encounter with the powerful shooting boss, present in every battle screen.

This is also an opportunity for players to try out many opponents. Test abilities and skills, overcome weaknesses after the battle is over. Players will be like a real heroic warriors, dueling with any enemy. Participate in PvP confrontation, win many great rewards.

Top on the competition leaderboard, despite all the difficulties in the arena. Enroll as one of the immortal heroes, with excellent shooting skills. Challenge all opponents, enroll as a great warrior.

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Explore the arsenal

The game will provide a massive arsenal with unique guns. Accompany the player in every battle, from pistols, pistols, rifles, sniper rifles… for you to choose. Use each weapon proficiently, familiarize yourself with the control mechanism of the gun. Attack the opponent with the gun in hand. Various gun designs and shapes.

Possessing modern firearms with mighty destructive power. Upgrade for weapons with accurate shooting, intuitive touch controls. Observe the target and perform aiming. Eliminate all enemies through a single shot that leaves the enemy unresisted.

Challenge many players, lead the leaderboard. Build military alliances and coordinate closely, performing special attacks. Start with each level of play to destroy the enemy quickly, step by step. Take part in world wars, win glorious victories. Download WarFriends mod shooting battle on the battlefield, complete with all opponents.

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