Tomb of the Mask MOD APK 2022

Tomb of the Mask is a game for you to step into mazes and go on adventures. It offers a variety of quests for you to complete. Control the character to move and pick up the coins. A game with simple gameplay that you can entertain every day. Tomb of the Mask is the choice for you to relieve stress and kill free time exceptionally effectively.

The game’s pace is relatively fast, and the player needs to let the character move quickly. Collect items that appear and dodge all dangers. Tomb of the Mask will be one of the games that give you many new experiences at the maze.

Download Tomb of the Mask mod – Explore the labyrinth

Be an adventurer and enter various rooms. Open up scenes with a variety of colors of their own. Players will only need to let their character go through and get the coins. When you see obstacles appear, dodge to stay safe. Tomb of the Mask takes you to a giant maze and countless challenges created.

It seems that controlling the character through the maze is easy, but there are also many obstacles. Those dangerous obstacles will be able to make you lose at any time. What Tomb of the Mask needs are skill and quick reflexes. To overcome challenges easily.

A space with many mysteries is brought. Players will explore and be started with adventure trips. The hidden things through each maze, obstacles will continuously appear. Just have to pick up the coins on the ground and be quick to avoid all dangers. The gameplay will require high thinking ability, agility at every move.

That will help you quickly go to the next maze, face new challenges. Create high records and assert your power. All obstacles will no longer be a thing to fear.

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Game mechanics

Use your finger and make the character move, go to the rooms. Each level will take you to a different maze. There are also deep holes, and if you don’t pay attention, you will fall and end the game. Therefore, concentration and attention on the path are important. Quickly accumulate more coins while on the road.

It’s not too difficult for you to try to control the character, but ensuring safety is what requires skill. There will be many traps created with sophistication, players will need to be careful in every step. Move-in different ways depending on the circumstances you encounter on the road. Complete your level in the best way.

2 main game modes

Arcade and level play are two game modes for you to choose from. Each mode will give you a different experience. The difficulty will also be increased gradually through each round of play. Constantly giving you challenges to face. In Arcade, players will go to every maze, give the character a lot of money, win high scores.

Deep holes filled with water will be the thing that you need to avoid. The game will end when the character falls there. With the level game mode, the gameplay has not changed. The duration of each round is not too long. Each level will open to the player a multitude of labyrinths and different missions.

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Adventure make money

It can be said that Tomb of the Mask offers a way to earn idle money. The amount of money will appear on each road that you go. Just get close, the money will belong to the player. Tomb of the Mask is like an adventure, for those who like to explore. Go to each maze, seize every opportunity to get big money.

Ensure your life, do not fall into the dangers that Tomb of the Mask has created. Quickly complete all the tasks in the fastest time. Become one of the best players, get high scores and bonuses. Download Tomb of the Mask mod to explore all mazes, overcome challenges.

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