The Wolf MOD APK v2.5.0 (Free shopping)

Come to a wild world, immerse yourself in life here. The Wolf will open the player to a perspective of living with a wolf. Accompany the wolf and fight for survival. One of the role-playing games and offers exciting missions. But the difference of The Wolf is in the character that you will transform.

Not the heroic warriors you used to play. The Wolf will let you play the role of a wolf with the ability to fight fiercely. Confront other wolves and conquer the forest. Completely new gameplay, experience the life of wolves here.

Download The Wolf mod – Adventure with the leader wolf

Players will be coming to a habitat with wolves. Daily go in search of food, protect their territory. Attack other wolves, start with other animal hunting trips. Find much prey and let yourself survive in this land.

Fight to defeat the enemies, don’t let them invade your living area. The Wolf will bring a multitude of game modes so that you can show your strength through each round. Get used to the climate here, adapt to the environment. Join the wolf to make endless adventures.

As you can see, the wolf is symbolic of strength and drastically. Live in the herd and always live together. Therefore, their power is extremely significant, it is difficult to resist. The Wolf is like bringing battle between animals in this forest. Players will take the role of a wolf and continue with the hunt.

Go to every place, the land to find different animals. Freedom to do what you want and earn a living to survive. The game will be a way for you to gain more experience, skills to face the enemy. Start with every ride and take control of your life. Do not let other animals invade the territory, destroy all of them.

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Tasks to do

Players will accompany and control the wolf to hunt. To live, it is necessary to find food and go everywhere in the forest. Although living in packs, The Wolf will only bring a single wolf. Lonely journey to be able to survive in a wild place. As a bloodthirsty animal, looking for ways to kill other animals.

They will be the source of food, food to help wolves maintain life. You will need to take the wolf to places where there are other packs of animals and attack them. Start with the hunt and destroy many different animals.

Customize wolf

Upgrade the wolf to have more power and necessary skills. This will make the attack more effective. Improve stats like Health, Attack, Defense, and Speed. From there, wolves will be able to fight countless other animals in the fastest way. Many different species of wolves are provided by The Wolf.

Players can choose their favorite wolf such as gray wolf, black wolf… Each wolf species will have its unique abilities. They have fighting power, sharp fangs. The legs are nimble and can travel long distances to places crowded with other animals.

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Hunting many animals

Appeared many animals such as deer, buffalo… All of them became the wolf’s delicious prey, giving the wolf a full stomach. However, hunting is not easy either. The beasts will also run away, resisting your attack. Therefore, it is necessary to have a combination with other players to quickly eat the animals.

Diverse animals for you to participate in the hunt. Face many other powerful opponents and show off your offensive abilities. To live in this forest, the only way is to have food. Hunt your prey and stock up on food for long-term survival. In addition, there are also dangerous animals such as lions and tigers. You will also need to be careful not to be counterattacked by them.

Wild life with endless adventures. Along with wolves hunt and destroy the animals here. Fight to survive and keep your life. The Wolf lets you blend in with the environment, go on hunting trips. Download The Wolf mod to become the leader of the pack, survive in the wild world.

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