Tank Stars MOD APK v1.6.5 (Menu/Unlimited money/God mode/One hit kill)

Control the tank and start with a fierce attack. Tank Stars – tank fighting game that offers exciting game modes. The primary combat weapon is the tank with a potent attack ability. The player will drive the tank and move forward. Make precise shooting angles to be able to destroy all enemies.

The power of the tank will be the way for players to fight all opponents. A fierce battle with consecutive bullet storms broke out. Join and move the tank to the location of the enemy. Quickly take down all enemy forces and put them in awe.

Download Tank Stars mod – Battle on the tank

Each shot will be the way to attack. Players are free to choose the angle to shoot and hit the target. However, try not to miss the shot because that is the opportunity for the enemy to counterattack more fiercely. Start with the battle in advance preparation because you will only be able to fight without anyone’s help.

Weapons, tanks will be your luggage to enter the fight. A tank battle, bringing explosions and dangers. Every shot in a row, try your best to be able to win. Fight hard and destroy all enemy forces in the shortest time.

Enter a battle with dangers. Master this fight and make continuous shots at the enemy. Exciting gameplay that Tank Stars brings. For you to be a warrior, confront a series of formidable enemies. The accuracy in each shot will quickly help you eliminate the enemy.

Just drove the tank and began to advance towards the enemy’s faction. Tank Stars will introduce players to the battle on battle tanks. Immerse yourself in an explosive atmosphere and aim for the right goals. Create your own advantages and fight to save lives.

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Tank control

The player will need to move the tank and make a shot. The way to control is not too difficult, and players can let the tank move forward. Simultaneously combined with operations to attack. Each opponent will appear in turn, at which time you will need to shoot. To survive, there is no other way but to destroy non-stop.

Don’t let the enemies do that to you. The resistance from the enemy is also extreme, so the player also needs to control the tank intelligently. Shoot fast, shoot accurately in the direction of the enemy. Minimizing the missed shot because then, the tank and you can lose your life when the enemy counterattacks.

Types of lethal weapons

Tank Stars offers a wide variety of ammo for players to use. This is an indispensable weapon, and you should always have it on hand. In addition to ammo, the game will also bring rockets. Increase combat power and eliminate enemies faster. However, in each match, players will only be allowed to use it once.

That is why it is necessary to use rockets only in case of real need. The ability of the missile to destroy a large number of enemies. When they come too much, and you alone can’t fight back. Get the missiles right away and leaving them without a chance to survive.

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Compete with multiplayer

Competitive game mode always attracts many gamers. Tank Stars allows players to participate online, facing many opponents. Start with the fight against the players in the world. Defeat them all and gain new experience in battle. The game also has an offline mode.

Confront the enemy and come with a fierce fighting atmosphere. By all means, try your best and not give them life. Tank Stars creates stages for you to compete with many people. Adding drama to the game, come to the war machine to attack the enemy. Find shooting angles with all reasonable coordinates, so that all enemies will no longer be an obstacle.

Bringing a fierce battle position for you to try your hand at every battle. Find shooting angles with all reasonable coordinates to defeat all enemies. Show strength against the war machine your opponent created. Master this war and make it all impossible to survive. Download Tank Stars mod to join the battle with the tank.

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