MOD APK v0.8.3.2 (Unlimited money) is a clash war for territory, using tactics to go to war. The game emphasizes strategy, not too much strength. That’s why players have to use their minds to deal with each situation that occurs. Take all actions to achieve the goal, attack combined with defense.

You will look like a great strategist, despite all the challenges. Capture territories and security troops. The more domain you capture, the stronger your army will be. Destroy opponents and quickly get the target you want.

Download mod – Conquer territories in every country

The position is displayed on a map and takes you there to carry out attacks. First of all, it is necessary to survey the situation and observe the opponents. This will help you master the advantage and get many fighting options.

Assess the situation properly, and grasp all the characteristics of the enemy. Each battle will bring challenges that you need to face. The number of enemies is growing stronger, creating many dangers. Use all your own strength and abilities to win quickly.

Each area will be displayed with its own color. Corresponding to that is the number of mandarins and countries. You will rule one of those countries and make conquests of other regions. Besides, every other country also has the same purpose. They do not stop fighting, fighting for neighboring territories.

You will have to compete and fight to win more new lands. Movements in the territory will also be represented by arrows and dots moving over all those countries. Use intelligent strategic thinking to overcome all obstacles easily.

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Emphasize strategy in the game

As stated from the beginning, needs to employ specific strategies. Players will need to watch all the opponents to see who is keeping an eye on them. Then surprise attacks will no longer make it difficult for you. Next, it is necessary to strengthen the combat troops and reasonably arrange them.

Reasonable use of troops, resources, and know-how to upgrade gradually. Along with conquering territories, you also need to protect your own territory. There are quite a few forces that are also aiming for this area to invade. As long as you don’t focus, the risk of being taken over is very likely. So make all the right decisions to be able to achieve the set goals.

Increase the strength of the army

The size of your initial territory is also not too large. To expand, strengthening the army is a must. When gaining more land, the army’s strength also needs to be stronger. Accumulate large and small pieces of land to own a large territory. Upgrade the fighting strength of the whole team to face all the challenges ahead.

The opponent will be hard to resist when you have enough fighting power. At the same time, it should be combined with many clever attack measures to not fall into a bad situation. The team that wins is the team that owns a lot of lands, preserving its own forces.

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Challenge reaction, logical thinking

The combat gameplay in will test your reactions. Everything that happens will be unexpected and unpredictable situations. Take advantage of your own strengths and thinking to face the tasks. The strategy needs to be enhanced, and it will eliminate your thoughts when you see the graphics are quite simple.

Reacting quickly, and confronting any situation will be the way to help you gain strength. Every match that takes place will be a challenge and also an opportunity for you to test yourself. Download mod to fight over large territories.

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