Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK 2022

Science fiction is also one of the attractive themes in the game. Typically, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes depicts the fiercest galactic battle in history. Players will be combat warriors, attacking all opponents. Star wars, where the heroic forces of darkness and light decide to fight. Step into the vast universe, fight with a series of rival armies. Conquer the battle on any location, not to any force can resist.

The fight to conquer the vast universe, coordinate with each teammate to thwart enemy plots. Dominate the entire area, become the most powerful warrior. Blockbuster battles with countless challenging missions take place, for players to show their own strength.

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Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes mod – Join the historic galactic battle

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is based on the background of Star Wars. Still a familiar role-playing game, not too strange to gamers. The game will take you to the fierce battle and participate in each combat event. Although it is a role-playing action game, during the duel process, you also need to collect many heroes.

Summoning a larger army will also create advantages. Dominate the enemies, become the master of the vast universe. Join the battle on each level, conquer the galaxy with a series of enemies. Diverse missions for each player to show their ability to fight through each attack.

Players will collect and use characters from all times. Gather into a squad together to coordinate attacks on the fronts. Take the whole team to every location, duel on significant battlefields. Each character will contribute to creating strength to confront a series of enemies. Confront a series of dangerous bosses, embark on the goal.

Level up the hero through each level, destroying many evil enemies. Join the thrilling battlefield, conquer all challenges through each game level.

Control the battleship

The war fleet will use ships as combat vehicles. Collect large ships with mighty destructive power to control the battle. You can own many warships such as Millenium Falcon, X-Wing, Imperial TIE Fighter… Each ship will create a breakthrough, duel with enemy ships. Each ship will have its own test boat to navigate to the battle, towards the opponent. Collect more tools to upgrade the ship, receive valuable rewards.

There are many more warships when winning after each battle. A full complement of forces to be able to coordinate the fight, creating great power against the enemy forces.

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War of factions

The battle came from the forces of each faction, creating a thrilling atmosphere. Entering the fight, you will have to build a specific strategy to deal with the enemy. Arrange a suitable battle formation, attack quickly to destroy the enemy. Destroy multiple enemy clans with enemies like Rancor, AAT Tank and more.

The duration of a match in Territory Battles can be up to several hours. If you don’t want to face too much stress, Grand Arena will be the place for you. Fight with the alliance and quickly complete the goal. Battle against other players in PvP arenas, Test your team’s strength. Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes mod battle of warriors across the galaxy.

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