SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off MOD APK v4.5.4 (Unlimited money)

If you love food and want to cook, come to SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off. This is a place where you can freely cook and serve everyone’s food needs. Start a business with fast food, high profit. The game will let players live with passion and run a restaurant. Culinary adventure, learn more skills and delicious recipes. Developing for the restaurant to have more attractive menus, attracting all customers.

Earn money from your own cooking skills, creating many recipes. Take the management role and fulfil all the wishes of customers. Step by step brings the restaurant to develop, go to a new level.

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Download SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off mod – Restaurant operating

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off brings the story of a character named Kraps. He is one of the successful entrepreneurs in the field of business and restaurant management. Kraps wishes to increase income and expand more new facilities in the future. After thinking and deciding for a while, he also built another large restaurant chain. The amount of work also increased, making it impossible for Kraps to do it all.

SpongeBob has been trusted by Kraps and entrusted with looking after and serving customers here. However, SpongeBob still did not have too much experience and encountered many difficulties. For all activities to be stable, you will be the companion and help SpongeBob to carry out the task.

The game brings to the culinary theme, where every favourite dish is created. Starting with the kitchen space, cook to produce much delicious food. Not only restaurant management, but you also need to ensure processing time. If customers wait too long, they will leave. That is why the balance of the cooking process is also very important, helping the guests coming here feel satisfied.

At the same time, bring many quality services, constantly innovate dishes to make the restaurant more and more crowded. Bring a variety of choices, earn the restaurant’s reputation.

Restaurant space decoration

Not only the requirements for the quality of the food, but the restaurant’s space also needs to be taken care of. Please decorate an airy room, prepare all necessary cooking utensils. Put more furniture, arrange in a suitable position. Buy more tools and new equipment to speed up the cooking process.

Arrange a place for customers to wait for food, upgrade services at the restaurant. Design a restaurant with your own style, start with a simple scale but still meet all desires. Clean cooking area, ensure food hygiene and safety. You are developing a restaurant with a comfortable space, suitable for the role of a real chef.

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Scaling up

Once you have acquired a certain number of customers, do not forget to expand the restaurant size. Search for space and rent it at a reasonable price, buy new furniture, furniture… You can build near amusement parks, which attract many potential customers. Choose a convenient location, bring high income.

You can even open more restaurants in the ocean. One thing to note is that it is necessary to prepare the dish accordingly in each place. For example, staying on the ground will suit cool drinks, sweet dishes, fried foods. Seafood dishes, frozen foods will be suitable dishes in the ocean. Please process and meet food requirements for each restaurant’s environment and location!

Join the cooking events

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off will also host many outstanding events, showcasing culinary talents. You will participate in Food Truck events, where many talented chefs gather. Not only being comfortable processing but also learning new experiences. Every week there will be activities and events taking place, trying out with many different challenges. Challenge every chef in the world, compete on the leaderboard.

Complete all challenges and gain all valuable prizes. Unlock new levels of play, enter the culinary paradise. Download SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off mod operating cooking operation, discover more famous restaurants.

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