Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK v1.32.1 (Weak opponents)

In some countries around the world, horse racing is a sport that attracts a lot of attention. Although there are not many highlights, it still creates drama while racing. Don’t miss Rival Stars Horse Racing if you want to experience that feeling.

The game takes you to the horse race, against every other opponent. Compete in tournaments, win many excellent prizes. Each race brings valuable rewards when you get the victory. Show endurance through each track, become a talented horse racer. Compete with formidable opponents, conquer the top of every level.

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing mod – Join the dramatic horse race

Rival Stars Horse Racing has the ultimate feeling and many emotions when participating in the race. This journey will not only be you but also more horses. The task is to control them to run, go through all the roads. Start for each thrilling race, overcome all challenges.

The game will let players run and feel every track, even the most difficult. Compete with enemies in the world, assert your strength. Simultaneously manage the horse farm, causing more variety of new horse breeds. Explore game modes and exciting missions, make your name in each race.

The game is built with simple gameplay, opening many thrilling races. Provide perfect image, game quality through the way the gameplay is brought. You will accompany and lead the horses to the finish line.

Betting on horse racing also takes place continuously, which is also an opportunity to earn big profits. However, there will be dangerous, difficult roads and more obstacles. To conquer the peak of victory, players need to focus and navigate the horse skillfully. Be ready to go through all the race tracks and assert your bravery through challenging levels. Racehorse control

As a horse racer, you will have to control the racing horse. Done with the operation on the screen, let the horse move freely. Rival Stars Horse Racing has provided virtual keyboards for players to navigate. Let the horse increase or decrease the speed by pressing the virtual key on the right side of the screen.

Increase or reduce running speed depending on the progress of the race. Pay attention to the energy bar to get the most optimal experience. Let the horse run slower to increase energy, giving the horse more strength to run.

However, it would help if you also were wary of opponents. Resting for too long is also a way to give them an advantage. Therefore, it is necessary to observe through the camera icon to have the most accurate viewing angle. Know the distance between you and the other party, have a suitable way to deal with each situation.

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Thrilling race

Rival Stars Horse Racing is where players enter the fierce race. Ride a horse, try your hand at the bumpy track, and face danger. Practice new skills, challenge yourself. You can completely adventure to many places and explore the terrain. Also, compete with other players in online mode.

Challenge your opponent, get the maximum score in each race. Invite more friends, show off your skills when facing a formidable racer. Each level will open a different match, bringing its challenges. Perform horse navigation to the tracks and be in every race’s final stage.

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Breeding new horse breeds

Not only for you to immerse yourself in the race, but the management of the barracks is also an attractive task. Start breeding horses using the two horses you currently have. This will help to increase the number of horses quickly, with more choices.

Each breed of horse breed will have a different appearance and characteristics. Players will discover the endurance and skills of each horse. Moreover, horse breeding also improves stats, running power with higher speed.

Run the barracks, build and expand the base on a larger scale. Train and train horses, improve their abilities. Companion in the tournament, quickly gets the victory. Experience the racetrack, immerse yourself in the race, the exciting atmosphere right at Rival Stars Horse Racing mod.

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