3D MOD APK v2.3 (Menu/God mode/Fast move)

Create your area and move on to every different position in 3D. The game will allow players to make draw lines with many unique colours. Colour on the 3D figure, dodging other players to appear. The bigger the area, the higher the chances of winning.

Experience with smooth strokes, complete every game excellently. Conquer levels, rule your region. Overcome all other competitors, possessing many colourful 3D blocks.

Download 3D mod – Color on 3D paper sheets 3D with highly entertaining gameplay is a great choice to relieve stress. The gameplay is simple but still does not make gamers bored. Try to move fast and colour before the opponent invades. Freedom to make arbitrary movements, achieving the set goal.

To play 3D, you need skill and precise navigation. Gradually create more areas, expand the area. Players will be free to create the desired drawings with the provided blocks. Explore every part of the game and overcome the game’s challenges.

The gameplay is similar and creates many exciting experiences for players. The more blocks you capture, the faster you will win. Observe every position to avoid other opponents in time. You will have to teleport at a fast speed, not giving the opponent a chance to compete. Occupy all the blocks by colouring and balancing the power against the opponent.

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Exciting match

Everything plays out in 3D like a real battle. However, it will not take place on the battlefield but will be on paper. The enemies will also appear and compete with you. The only task to perform is not to let the opponent defeat.

Paint the picture with your colours, maintain your strength. You have to be careful and focused on observation every time you move. Agility and agility will also create their own advantages. Facing all opponents, conquering all levels of play.

Collect stars

During the colouring process, you will meet stars. Collect them to increase your score, quickly get to the next level of play. Owning many stars, bonuses after each game screen. The higher the level, the more complex the difficulty will be. To get more stars, players also have to go through many challenges.

In a collision with the opponent, defeat can happen at any time. Don’t give up, start over and the rewards you get will be totally worth it. Beat other players, advance to the next level. Become one of the excellent players, make your opponents respect.

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Graphic design

Not only in the game mode, but it is also the graphic design of 3D that has won the hearts of gamers. The publisher invests carefully, bringing many colours to each level. Three-dimensional graphics provide a multi-colour perspective when participating in the game.

Let you feel like entering a brilliant world with outstanding blocks. Unique 3D shapes will be where players battle each opponent. Paint your own favourite colour on the area so that no opponent can defeat it. Unlock new levels, admire the achievements achieved through each game.

VOODOO is a familiar name for action and crime-solving games. Coming to 3D, you will have a different feeling from the previous game. Try to gain a more substantial advantage over your opponent, discover a smooth drawing experience.

Avoid colliding with the opponent, possessing countless beautiful blocks. Download 3D mod to show off your colouring skills on paper plates, competing with many other players.

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