Neo Monsters MOD APK v2.28.2 2022

The journey to fight with monsters has never been hot for games. Neo Monsters is one of the most popular multiplayer games today. Takes you to the battle against many monsters. Use strategy to be able to eliminate opponents quickly. Train your own battle monsters, defeat them step by step. Start coming to the battle, show your strength to become a champion step by step. Confront formidable opponents, win every battle.

Download Neo Monsters mod – Show strength in attacks with monsters

Similar to the familiar Pokemon game, Neo Monsters will take you to every world region. Entertain through each challenging battle with many ferocious monsters. Dare to face danger to prevent the plots they want to cause. Take advantage of inherent skills and train to improve strength to fight the best.

Coordinate with the army to increase attack ability. Move to every position, assert your position through powerful attacks. Seize the opportunity and create an advantage to conquer all levels of play. Join Neo Monsters on a journey to explore the world, fighting with monsters.

Players will be engaged in battle with many monsters. Each task will also be set in turn for you to perform. Neo Monsters also allows you to challenge many people, creating a thrilling atmosphere. Face an army of other monsters to destroy them. Set up the formation to enter the battles, achieve the set goals.

Each match will be an opportunity for players to show their abilities and exploit their own strengths. Maximize available skills, destroy all formidable monster bosses. Participate in online matches, compete in exciting PvP tournaments.

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Strategy build

Choose monsters and arrange them into a mighty army. Lead them and train them to become powerful warriors. There will be a maximum of 16 monsters in a team, working together to defeat the opponent. The gameplay in Neo Monsters will be turn-based, each time a decisive battle needs a suitable strategy. Based on the level of attack, defense, health, agility to increase the army’s strength.

Observe the enemy, see the weak point to defeat them quickly. The outcome of each battle will also depend on your own fighting strength and attack. Combine destruction with your army with hundreds of unique skills. Evolve monsters to improve their fighting power in the next wars.

Championship tournament

You will participate in tournaments to conquer the championship title with over 60 hours of adventure to fight against multiple opponents. Journey to many areas of the world, through islands, dungeons. Each place will organize a tournament for you to face the enemy. Lead each monster into confrontations, not giving the opponent a chance to counterattack.

Depending on the battle, players need to use tactics accordingly. Conquer prizes after each match takes place. Having all the elements of skill, strength, and coordination is the way to create victory. Successfully complete the stages in PvP battles. Challenge your opponent, become a champion that no force can resist.

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Monster training

Start with collecting evolved ingredients, monsters to assemble into a complete army. You will need to take care of them and raise them like pets. Grow foods to meet their dietary needs and help them grow. Next, players will perform training to have skills in combat. Also, for monsters to be leveled up, attack stats.

Breeding new varieties, producing monsters with more destructive power. Incubating eggs to form a new species will also take a long time. Training points will also be increased when reaching new levels. Accompanied by a large force, do not let any enemy do any harm. Download Neo Monsters mod war in many regions around the world.

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