My Little Universe MOD APK v1.18.2 (Unlimited resources)

Adapting to a new environment was difficult, creating a new world was not easy either. My Little Universe is a place for you to discover your own strength, build a planet for yourself. Start with mining and use the tools to deploy build.

The process is long and enduring, requiring effort and perseverance. Embark on a journey of conquest and get your planet. Try with many different tasks, quickly complete the set goals. Come with many exciting adventures and challenges ahead.

Download My Little Universe mod – Planet building process

The place you are staying in is no longer suitable and convenient. Have to make a move to another place to live. Exploit available resources, gradually improve the planet more livable. Every difficulty occurs, requiring players to make a lot of effort.

Using the same tools you have, start to mine the resources. Do everything to achieve the goal. Difficulties are still waiting for you, explore your inherent abilities. Embark on a planet-building journey. Get a world worth living, against all enemies.

The game is designed with simple images, not too prominent. But the gameplay will make an impression right from the first play. High entertainment, diverse tasks for players to conquer. Move on board and land safely.

From tools that you own, use to be able to exploit, cut trees for wood, My Little Universe is a place for players to conquer each level with challenges. To get to the desired planet, destroy the enemies quickly.

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Explore across multiple environments

Up to 10 different environments for players to start conquering. Each location will have its own missions for gamers to participate in. Move to each area, complete the set goals. The journey will appear more challenging when reaching higher levels. Go to the maps and use the same tools you already have.

Explore the trees, collect wood to use for each specific purpose. My Little Universe has provided countless locations for players to explore. Quickly renovations, and come many unique experiences. Expand the map and travel to many parts of the world.

Construction of works

In the beginning, only rudimentary equipment will help you discover your own plants. Closely monitor everything and start with mining. Build industrial facilities, establish many new ones. Industrial factories were born, building more dream projects. Help your planet will become more bustling, with more activities.

Develop civilization under player control. Starting from simple to complex tasks. Cut trees, dig metals, get wood… Changes to the planet’s space are shown with many different images. From a place full of trees, now there will be busy streets, factories, factories… Build residential areas, take many measures to improve the planet more and more modern.

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Protect the planet

There are evil forces that will destroy your planet, so you will need to defend against them. Bad guys will attack and destroy buildings. Parallel to the construction, it is important to control and repel the enemy. Dangerous monsters with a large force will be the object you need to destroy.

From there, the wars will also take place, take all actions to defeat them. The results you create will always be watched by them, they can attack at any time. Combined with exploiting resources and stopping enemy forces. Participate in each dramatic battle, protect the planet.

See the results achieved after all efforts and efforts. My Little Universe will be a place for players to start with the process of exploring and constructing at will. Explore many new environments, feel new experiences. Download My Little Universe mod own the world with its own planets.

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