MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT MOD APK v2.0.4 (Menu/Damage, defense)

Cartoons are an attractive topic chosen by game publishers. They bring exciting content through the characters shown in each game mode. MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is one of them, accompanying heroic warriors.

Build up a heroic fighting force against enemy forces. Enter the dramatic battles, master the fight to defeat the opponent. Lead the team to launch powerful attacks, conquer all high levels. Immerse yourself in the explosive atmosphere of the battle, eliminating all enemies from the area.

Download MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT – Explosive battle of mighty warriors

MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT will let you play the role of a hero participating in the match. Confront the villain, dangerous challenges. With the action role-playing game mode, players will perform attacks. Move towards the enemy, do not let them survive.

Participate in challenging levels, show your strength through the attack. If you love this gameplay, then MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is a suggestion. You will become a mighty warrior, ready to fight before the enemy. Coordinate with teammates to create the strongest destructive power, making all enemy troops lose.

Heroic characters will accompany you in battles. Harness their combat ability, follow the strategy to win. Use Quirks to make your warriors shine, causing all enemies to die. Build a powerful army that can destroy the giant enemy boss.

Prevent actions from the opponent, do not let them achieve their goals. The difficulty also increases gradually through the level, requiring many peak skills. Control warriors to join the battle, give all bad moves. Evolve Quirks with more heroes, creating a massive assault force.

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Join the match

Players will be the main character and witness the entire game. Stand in front of all opponents and start destroying them. Arrange warriors in suitable positions, assign specific tasks before going to battle.

Each enemy will also appear, bringing many challenges that you need to face. They will constantly find ways to attack, taking your life whenever. The thrilling 3-on-3 battle, showed formidable fighting skills to destroy the enemy.

MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT will open a new battle when the challenge is overcome. Players will have to go through many actions, standing in front of formidable enemy bosses. Resist dire pursuits, leaving no chance for any opponent to counterattack.

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Hero training

The hero squad will be the force that accompanies you while fighting. Each warrior will have its own outstanding skill that needs to be discovered. Once you have learned about each hero, players will have more choices when using attacks.

MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT synthesizes many favourite characters with formidable fighting power. However, for them to be able to confront strong opponents, you also need tactical training. Build a chain of skills with Quirks, rallying into a brave force to fight.

Their fighting ability will improve after a period of training. Facing many attacks, the pursuit of the villain. Focus on training, build an army of heroes with unique characters. Go into every battle, accomplish your goals.

Skill test

Get to know the character’s abilities by how they perform when attacking. Challenge your opponents in battle, using your strengths to destroy enemy troops quickly. Also, invite the villain to enter your space, fighting on the battle showdown.

Also, customize the base, build a strong basis. The alliance of heroes has great destructive power, developing forces with many smart strategies. Grasp the enemy’s strengths, hit their weak points. Claim your position and talent through fierce competitions, vying for the top of the rankings.

Control warriors to attack through fierce battles. Accompany the character, complete all levels. Enjoy the fights and scenes found in anime movies, become a talented hero. Download MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT mod the hero’s destructive power against the enemy team.

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