My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager MOD APK v4.7.2926 (Unlimited money)

Build spacious gyms, attract customers to practice. My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager gives players a quality gym model. Manage and control the activities here and provide the best services. As a place for many people to practice, helping customers have a beautiful and healthy body.

Making a famous gym brand, attracting a large number of customers to come here. My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager – the place to get in shape and create attractive bodies. Players will perform the task of operating and developing for this increasingly crowded place.

Download My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager mod – Gym manager

Gym models are no longer strange. That is also the inspiration for the publisher to launch this game. Players will be able to run the training facility by themselves, making policies to develop here. Gradually turning this place into one of the modern sports centers.

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There are machines and equipment to meet the needs of each customer. My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager will let players be gym boss. Including gym systems with spacious space, bringing comfort to the practitioner. Build up to a larger scale, to not only manage a gym but more.

Dreaming of building a gym by yourself will not be difficult anymore. My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager is like reappear the process that players make to build an empire. The initial difficulties cannot be avoided, you will have to work hard to achieve high results.

To stand in the position of a talented boss, arrange the work reasonably. Challenges will also be constantly brought, for you to face that. Welcome customers, answer all questions, help them practice properly. So that the gym area will always have people come to practice, bringing in significant revenue.

Customer training

Your job will be to guide the people who come to practice to do the proper workout. A lot of customers will be waiting for players to train. More than simply exercise, the movements also need to be done right. Open practice courses every day, attracting many students. This is also a way for you to earn your own income.

Correcting incorrect movements, making it easy for the practitioner to grasp the exercises. The proper exercise will quickly improve the physique as well as make the body stronger. Players will constantly open training sessions, the number of people waiting for instructions is also huge. Bringing a fun atmosphere, making the practitioners feel more comfortable.

Invest in exercise equipment

Players will need to invest in the best fitness machines and equipment. When the number of people comes to practice more and more, it requires you to buy more. Arrange in each appropriate position in the gym. Quality is what customers care about. Together with they start with exercises from basic to advanced.

Combine with the use of equipment to achieve the dream body. Continually update and bring back the latest devices. For each exercise will use different training equipment. Therefore, you need to buy a full range of instruments to meet all the guests’ wishes. Treadmill, weight training… everything will make the gym better every day. Each customer will come here more often, bringing positive reviews.

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Design and build gym

Create a practice space with spacious, fully-equipped rooms. Decorate the style according to the type you want. Players will be like room designers. Creativity for all rooms is shown differently. Competing with other sports centers is the choice of many customers.

Quickly developing with a large base, creating a personal brand with a modern gym system. Scale with beautiful 3D graphics. All high-end equipment, providing a high-quality workout with high efficiency. Build a new image for this place, become a famous gym owner. Download My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager mod to develop a high-quality gym system.

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