Mini Football MOD APK v1.7.7 (Endless sprint/Dumb enemy)

Step onto the pitch and show off your talent. Shot the ball beautifully, completed the game excellently. Mini Football opened an exciting football competition, many spectators cheered. Players will be joined by teammates, creating many ball shots that go into people’s hearts. An explosive stadium determined to fight from the players to win. Mini Football is a place for football enthusiasts who want to be good players.

The game will bring dramatic matches, meet with many other opponents. Play the role of the heroes of the field and show your bravery on the field. Delivering breakthroughs in every way to block and win the ball from the feet of the opponents.

Download Mini Football mod – Talented turf hero

The match begins with two teams participating. Players will be a member of one of those two teams. As one of the players on the field, try your best to victory for the whole team. Quick feet create skillful ball passes and make the opponent’s goal move.

All have the common goal of making many goals, getting high scores. Build a strong team and have great power. Compete with each tall opponent, professional skills. Bring high achievements and get respectable scores.

Dreaming of coming to the big stadium, being a member of the football team. Mini Football is the place for players to do that. The game will bring attractive gameplay, showing the bravery of a real player. Fight for the ball and make the entire opponent defenseless against attacking shots. Efforts and skills in each treatment like a talented hero.

Be in every tournament and challenge every other player around the world. Mini Football is one of the most sought-after football games today. Game modes, simple character control. Enjoy the feeling on the field like in real life. A brand new soccer game offers multiple levels of play.

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Competition squad

Organize and build a talented team. Know how to handle all cases while participating in tournaments. To make a squad with the best physical strength to enter fierce matches. Players are entirely selected and searched for each favorite player. Role-play them and compete on the field to cheers from the fans.

Moreover, Mini Football also allows players to customize the team to be displayed with new images. Choosing clothes, logos, shoes… makes the whole group stand out and bring their style. A variety of different choices will be provided by Mini Football. Players will be changed for the lineup whenever you want. Upgrade each player to become formidable heroes that no one can match.


Up to 5 stadiums are provided by Mini Football with a large model. Modern design, realistic images make you feel like you are kicking a ball in reality. The pitches in the international arenas, bringing together opponents from all countries. Each match on the field will bring a completely different feeling. The cheers from thousands of viewers will create the most vibrant atmosphere.

Contributing to making team members more fierce, more fighting spirit. Mini Football will be an excellent suggestion if you always want to try your hand at many different courts. Continuously bring the latest arenas for players to set foot in. Make the best shots and make the opponent’s goalkeeper unable to stand still.

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Master the match

Concentration and skillful movement control are what make victory. Mini Football does not require too much technology on the field so that every player can participate. Pay attention to each direction and get the ball from the opponent’s feet, creating transmission lines for teammates.

Hold the ball and run as fast as you can to the attacking area and shoot the ball. At the same time, please align in the right direction to create the desired goal. Combine well with each teammate, use all skills, definitely will not lose.

Collisions and disputes with each opponent will also occur. Make the game more dramatic, compete for medals. Be proactive in each contest, get the ball quickly and shoot quickly to the goal. Top the leaderboards and advance to higher levels. Download Mini Football mod to fight on the pitch, be an excellent soccer player.

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