Merge Friends MOD APK v1.13.1 (Unlimited money)

Merge Friends is a fun puzzle game. Inspired by everyday life, the game offers exciting challenges. A bright world with many activities will be a new experience for you. Meet people and discover stories that revolve around the city. Merge Friends is a solution that brings entertainment moments combined with practical thinking training.

If you are a conquest lover, this is the perfect game. Immersed in the world in Merge Friends, players will always feel happy and surprised. Are you ready to discover the great things that Merge Friends offers? Start implementing your plans right now.

Download Merge Friends mod – Build a ruined city

In Merge Friends, players will live in a miniature city. For specific reasons, the scenery of the city turned into ruins. The player’s task is to restore the original state. By merging subjects to produce the desired result. A variety of tasks need to be handled.

These are not simple challenges for every gamer. Everything needs to be done before the crew visits your city. Your new guests can’t see the ruined city view. Use your vision and taste to redecorate the whole scene.

Immersed in the city of Merge Friends, members need to have solidarity with each other. Each member contributes to creating changes for the town. The orchards will provide the ingredients to develop grandiose parties. Besides, a neat and clean garden space also brings sympathy for the people to enjoy.

All of that requires a hard-working and dedicated hand. As a manager, you will have to plan specific strategies. Solid constructions and many other changes will bring a new look to the city. That is also the goal that each player is aiming for.

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Uncover the mysteries

Dive into the story in Merge Friends, and players will uncover mysteries. It is the answer to why the city has become such a ruin. The chests that appear in the old warehouse have a reason for it. Through unlocking in turn, each mysterious chest will be revealed and unraveled.

They also bring players new recipes. Mini-games will bring excitement and surprise to you. Let’s go to the end of every story to let the secrets come to light. Indeed they will create shock and excitement for players.

Meet new friends

Living in a miniature city, the relationship between members is a necessity. Through performing each mission, you will have the opportunity to meet new characters. Talking together and sharing information people create relationships.

Merge Friends is an opportunity to bond between strangers. People will get closer together and become friends. A happy city is one where everyone would want to live. Let’s build friendly relationships with new friends. Indeed you will find life in Merge Friends much more enjoyable.

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Diverse item system

Merge Friends brings a diverse system of items. They create many options for the player to complete the assigned task. More than that, the game also regularly adds features to refresh the game.

Unleash your creativity and implement your ideas to turn Merge Friends into a prosperous and attractive area. Visitors to your city are sure to be pleased. Download Merge Friends mod complete interesting puzzles around the task of rebuilding the ruined city.

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