Manor Cafe MOD APK v1.133.19 (Unlimited money)

Return to the familiar puzzle game, match the puzzles to complete the house and garden. Realize the luxury facilities. That’s what players can do in Manor Cafe. The game continues to delight the gaming community. It is a place for people who love to cook.

Manage the restaurant and make delicious food and drinks. Manor Cafe will let players live with their own passion. Cooking, decorating the villa are more beautiful. A lot of tasks for you through each game round. Quickly complete and get your own desired achievements.

Download Manor Cafe mod – Restore and develop restaurants

Your dining house and garden are old, you want to be changed for a new one? Manor Cafe will be the way for you to customize to your liking. Be one of the owners of a large chain of restaurants. You will design this place to become a place to attract customers. Make many menus with many attractive dishes and drinks.

Manor Cafe continues to be an exciting simulation game that you cannot ignore. Puzzle gameplay is no longer strange, offering suitable game modes. Manor Cafe does not disappoint players when choosing. Develop for the restaurant to become luxurious, attracting many customers. Become one of the destinations of every customer, get their satisfaction.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own restaurant? Now, it’s entirely possible in Manor Cafe. You will be the boss and manage your own restaurant. However, this facility is dilapidated and in need of renovation and rebuilding. That is also the first task that players need to do when coming to Manor Cafe.

Re-decorate this place to become more beautiful, expand the garden, create an airy space. Coming to Manor Cafe, players will need to rebuild everything from scratch. Complete all the proposed projects, build a luxury restaurant. Match puzzles to get things done quickly.

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Restoration of the restaurant

Realize your dream, starting with the acquisition of the old restaurant. This restaurant was previously a well-developed, crowded business. But stopped working, abandoned for decades. You will have to remodel all the spaces in this place. Continue to complete and do the work you love. Players will accompany the chef, develop together for the restaurant.

Assign tasks, quickly get the desired results. Implemented a large restaurant chain, famous for its beautiful scenery. Decorate the dining room, buy more necessary utensils. Get a vast property, show off your own design skills. By solving puzzles, more items are unlocked. Those things will help you remodel your restaurant quickly. Each level will be a challenge for players to conquer.

Design your own restaurant

All ideas are made by you. Starting from the interior, buy more furniture to decorate. Arrange into each area you want, providing all the necessary utensils for cooking. A beautiful space will also attract many customers right from the first visit.

Build stunning visuals, change the layout of the furniture. All work will be arranged by the player himself, quickly getting a dream restaurant. Make this place a luxury restaurant with the perfect design ways.

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Unlock recipes

Not only in the form, but the food is also what you need to pay attention to. Delicious food will be the way to make customers come again next time. The chef will be the cook, and you will be the one to bring home the new recipes.

He will do a good job, but he can also get angry quickly. Show that you are a boss who cares about employees, doing the work they love with them. Make the menu more attractive dishes, drinks with different flavors. Received the support of many customers and reaped high profits.

Replace the old restaurant with modern kitchens and spacious gardens. Manor Cafe will be a place for players to design their own restaurant. Develop and deliver attractive menus. Download Manor Cafe mod to manage and restore restaurants.

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