Make More! MOD APK v3.5.9 (Unlimited money)

Make More! the game lets you manage the activities at the factory. Arrange, observe workers working, ensure adequate working progress. Players will play the role of a manager, and all work will be under your supervision. This is not a new game, but still, many players participate. Develop policies for the factory to grow more and more.

At the same time, there is a force of productive workers. Since then, the output has been increased, bringing great profit. It seems like a simple thing, but you need to do more than that. Try to take on your role well so that the factory will be raised to a new level.

Have you ever thought that you will be a manager for the whole factory? Wondering what their daily work will do? Make More! will be the answer just for you. Alone control many laborers work every day. There are plans to build a quality business model. Make More! is a place for players to come to a new role, to become real managers.

If you love this job, come to Make More! now and the same experience. Start with assignments ranging from recruiting staff to handling orders. Make More! will offer a multitude of employment, for the labor lover. Finished well and brought great results for the whole factory.

Download Make More! mod – Factory management and development

Players will have to work on every request that Make More! show. In essence, it will be to sit in one place and assign work to the workers. Watch them work and push the production speed up quickly. Orders will continue to be brought in, the pressure on the manager is even more. Just manage all activities and follow the instructions of the superior.

Meet the boss’s wishes, follow the schedule for each order. This will be one of the games where you get to be the leader. Ensuring and maintaining jobs for workers, bringing businesses up. Players can freely decide the plans as well as what happens at the factory. Quickly achieve your desired goals.

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Job training for workers

Initially, you will have to recruit factory workers and train them. Give production processes and steps for them to follow. All the skills and ways to work effectively, step by step, to help the workforce get used to the job. In addition, you will also need a policy on monthly salary payments.

There are more rewards for excellent workers… Handle all problems that occur in the enterprise, stabilize the quality of products made. Sometimes, the lack of focus on human resources and not following the given requirements makes you uncomfortable. At this point, let’s reorganize the workforce and give penalties.

You can also wholly fire workers if you want. But it will certainly be a decision that leaves them uninterested.

Expand the scale of production

At some point, players will need to scale their operations further. Because there are constantly incoming orders, the volume of things to do and solve increases. Hire more workers and proceed to build more factories. At that time, not only managing a factory but also much more.

That will also require you to closely manage and have more optimal ways of monitoring the process. Having more factories will also be a way to grow and help increase the revenue of the business. Bringing the production system to comply with labor standards, creating products that satisfy customers.

Above all, focus on finding hard workers to make production efficient. Over time, the business will be known by many partners and create its brand.

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Policy, work plan

Operating a factory has never been easy. Players alone will have to complete and solve all the problems here. There are ideas and policies to make the products more and more perfect. Change production processes as necessary, monitor external market situation. Make More! will also constantly bring up quests for you to perform.

The feeling of working every day, speeding up the progress of every plan, is only in Make More!. Capture and apply skills and opportunities to help the factory thrive. Earn a lot of money and make your boss trust you more. Download Make More! mod becomes a talented business manager.

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