Johnny Trigger MOD APK v1.12.14 (Unlimited money)

Johnny Trigger lets you play the role of Johnny, doing the shooting. Johnny alone will face many evil enemies. Enter a dramatic battle, destroy the gangsters. Johnny Trigger for players to be shown as the most professional assassins. Confront countless opponents with great power.

Shooting gameplay in Johnny Trigger will give you the feeling of a real assassin. Stand up against the enemy by yourself, quickly attack the entire enemy force. Without the help of your teammates, you alone will have to face and destroy all of them.

Shooting role-playing games are no longer a strange thing. Johnny Trigger is such a game, has been and is being chosen by gamers. Open up shooting with many surprises and tension. You are equipped with guns and have special abilities. Perform many maneuvers to fly high to attack.

Causes the enemy to be quickly destroyed. Join Johnny in the gun battle, get high scores. Eliminate each opponent in the shortest time. Johnny Trigger brings diverse game modes, owns modern guns. Enter war and show your own talent. Non-stop action to be able to take down all the thugs.

Download Johnny Trigger mod – Join with Johnny to destroy the gangsters

Perform important missions with Johnny. Come to the gangster world where there are bad guys and do evil things. You will help Johnny kill all those guys, complete the assigned agents. The underworld of the mafia – where players need to destroy as quickly as possible. Johnny Trigger will take you there and fight against the gangsters.

To protect the people around, don’t let the bad guys rampage. It can be said that Johnny Trigger is an interesting game that you cannot ignore. Standing in front of a mighty army, dare to stand up to fight back. Johnny Trigger will let you confront them, destroy the dark world full of sin.

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Go on a quest with Johnny

You will join Johnny in the gunfight. A battle is opened, opponents always appear. Players will control Johnny to get close to the enemies and fight. Support and control Johnny to attack strongly and dodge their counterattacks.

Johnny’s combat ability does not make you too worried when you have to destroy a series of enemies. In addition to high-class shooting skills, Johnny can also fly high, perform somersaults. Control for the character to attack and make moves suitable for the battle. Break into enemy bases, kill them all. Try to complete the tasks in the best way.

Collection of guns

The number of enemies that appear is extremely large. Johnny couldn’t fight without his guns. Johnny Trigger has provided 57 different types of guns. Includes 11 pistols, 9 automatic rifles, 12 SMGs. There are also basic guns and much more. Each type of gun will contribute to the player’s confrontation with the opponent. Option to use in battles, causing the enemy to receive death.

Depending on each opponent, and will use their own guns. An arsenal of guns with extremely large damage is a way for you to defend yourself. Love guns and want to shoot guns, Johnny Trigger will help you get there. At the same time, through each mission completion, players will also have the opportunity to unlock more new weapons. To improve combat efficiency, increase Johnny’s fighting power.

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Defeat enemy forces

They always appear and destroy with their accomplices, affecting the life here. You will be a hero, representing the right, defeating the evil. Any enemy that appears, the player will also use the gun to destroy. However, there will also be opponents that are difficult to reach, they are always lurking and causing crimes. Use the equipped guns and shoot at each hateful enemy.

At each game level, you will meet different enemies. They are powerful bosses, with tremendous power. These will also be obstacles, you will encounter more difficulties. Use tactics combined with shooting ability. Winning victory and eliminating the number of enemy troops will not be difficult anymore. Download Johnny Trigger mod to participate in the shooting with Johnny guy.

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