Jackal Squad MOD APK v0.0.1430 (Unlimited money)

Jackal Squad is a game based on the violent second world war scene. The fascist army continuously attacked the Allies to achieve their goals. Each battle constantly took place and turned the whole world upside down. Players will accompany the army to rescue the prisoners being held.

Drive Jeeps to go on missions, destroy enemies. Many challenges will take place, and dangers will also continue to arise. Ending war is the only way for world peace. You will be the one to take on that role, ready to enter the battle journey. Facing a series of enemy troops, eliminate them from the area.

Download Jackal Squad mod – Prevent the outbreak of war

The world was engulfed in a storm of bullets continuous gunfire. Jackal Squad realistically recreates the entire war scene for you to witness with your own eyes. Everything is devastated, human life is in great danger. Unable to stand by, attacking is the right thing to do. Confront countless formidable enemies, do not let them achieve their evil purposes.

Your task will be to control the Jeep aim, and shoot at all the enemies that appear. Fight like a true warrior, not afraid of danger. Show your courage and strength to enter the matches. Complete the noble mission, win a glorious victory.

The game is a classic-style shooting combo. The gameplay brings a dramatic atmosphere through each development of the game. Each battle will bring other surprises and challenges. Move to the enemy area, blocking their every move. Build a powerful force, determined to fight on all fronts.

Observe each target, aim and shoot at the targets at a close position first. Work closely with teammates to make the opponent quickly lose. Destroy territories and bases that the enemy is occupying expand the scope of the fight. The results achieved will be based on your own ability and fighting action.

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Attack on enemy territory

Take control of the Jeep and drag your army into the enemy area. They will appear on every base map, nooks, and crannies. Make a surprise attack, don’t give the enemy a chance to counterattack. Actively attack observe the situation of the battle to have a reasonable response.

Aim at a close target and develop a formation with great destructive power. If there are too many opponents, divide each into a small army to fight back. Have the right strategy to fight the evil bosses and preserve the force. Fight fast, win fast, destroy the large territory where the enemy is stationed. Create impressive destructive combos that take the lives of large numbers of enemies.

Accomplish a noble mission

Transform into a soldier and take on directing an entire army. The tasks will be assigned in turn for players to show their bravery. Some of your troops have been captured and are being held in prisons. The task that needs to be done right away is to rescue them from getting out of that place safely. Shoot down each power station enemy facility to capture that area.

Get more support skills experience training for warriors to participate in the battle. The whole world is waiting for you, just make a mistake, and everything is over. Move on the Jeep, aim and shoot at each enemy. Undertake the assigned task well, bringing peace to people’s lives.

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Upgrade Jeeps and weapons

Vehicles in combat are Jeeps. Over time, all need to be upgraded to bring more destructive power. Each vehicle will be fitted with an additional warhead, supporting you during battle. Customize, repair the car and upgrade the necessary equipment. In addition, there are powerful weapons that are modern guns.

Includes rifles, shotguns, cannons, and more. All of which help you create formidable destructive power against the enemy. Aim automatically and dodge all counterattacks from the enemy. Own the cars and countless guns, destroy the entire enemy base. Download Jackal Squad mod to end the war prevent opponents’ dangerous actions.

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