Idle Five Basketball Tycoon MOD APK v1.19.7 (Menu/Unlimited money)

When it comes to sports games, basketball games are indispensable. Specifically, it is Gaminho’s Idle Five Basketball Tycoon game. Join the game, you will understand the task of a real basketball coach, from selecting players to coaching them, teaching them skills and techniques.

After you have trained a good squad, you will register for major world tournaments for the team to participate. The more the team wins, the more valuable titles it collects. The players will also become increasingly expensive and sought after. You absolutely can become rich thanks to your team.

Download Idle Five Basketball Tycoon mod – Recruit and train the strongest basketball team in the world

Despite having innate talent in person, it is difficult for the players to succeed without a professional coach’s guidance. So it would be best if you used your coaching abilities to help them. Join the game and select the brightest faces.

Then bring them back and start training. Initially, you will have to invest your capital in renovating the team to practice. It will also cost you a lot of money to sign players. In addition, you also have to do many other significant transactions. The work is a lot, and the pressure is like that. Are you ready to take on it?

When newly recruited, the players were still weak. It would be best if you got them into the practice rooms. Get them into the mini-tournaments first. Through winning, they will gain experience. As for you, their coach, you will get quite a bit of money. During training, you will notice that each player has different productivity.

Players need to arrange the most suitable playing position based on their strengths. Coaches should upgrade skills for each player so that they have more power to play. Each player has many levels to upgrade, and the upgrade will change the player’s appearance.

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Compete around the world

The highest goal in this game is to conquer major international tournaments. The tournament system in Idle Five Basketball Tycoon is very diverse. The size of each contest is not the same, and the opposing teams also have significant differences. Other players lead the opposing team, so you will not predict their strengths.

Please bring the stars that you have worked hard to train and coach to the competition. Only then can you deal with the stars from your team. In addition, the coach must also have comprehensive strategies for the long haul of the group. It is advisable to change the lineup to compete in different competitions for the best fit.

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Clever use of cards

A match in Idle Five Basketball Tycoon happens very quickly how the players play and score using the cards. Because you don’t have to control much, the game is straightforward to play. When on the field, members of each team will stand in a vertical line.

In the bottom corner of the screen, there will be cards corresponding to the skills of playing ball. The basic skills are dunk, score, and unstoppable. In which, unstoppable bring your team a lot of points. In addition, the cards also have another effect, which is to reduce the opponent’s strength. It will deflect when the opponent throws the ball, preventing them from scoring.

Create training facilities for your players to have the best development environment. Although this job will initially face many financial difficulties, you do not need to worry too much.

After the big matches, you will make a lot of money again. Fame and money will be yours if you join Idle Five Basketball Tycoon right now. Download Idle Five Basketball Tycoon mod to create a superstar basketball team and compete worldwide.

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