Idle Arks MOD APK v2.3.4 (Unlimited money, resources)

Faced with severe weather at sea, there are always dangerous disasters. Idle Arks brings life with many difficulties. Continuously there are big storms, floods occur. It can take your life at any time. Players will need to fight natural disasters to survive.

Life at sea with drifting, can you survive? What players need to do is build their boats. To get a residence and start with an exciting adventure on the sea. Face many challenges and save your own life. Survive and explore the vast ocean here.

A living environment all around is water. Players will start with life and make boats to have a place to live. Collect pieces of wood to build boats and get vehicles. Idle Arks is a journey to survival at sea. This will be the place for you to challenge yourself with the storms of nature and weather.

The ferocity of the sea, floods occurred consecutively. This is also the dramatic gameplay that Idle Arks brings. You will need to do everything to prevent the boat from tipping over and maintain life here. Create large constructions with sturdy ships. All will be done with the levels that Idle Arks brings.

Download Idle Arks mod – Survive in the sea

Players will be participating in the adventure on the vast sea. Enjoy the atmosphere here and keep your life safe. The daily work will be to take the wooden boards and build the desired boat. Moreover, Idle Arks also gives you the ability to swim to collect all those pieces of wood.

However, the weather is not favorable to create the best conditions for you to work. Therefore, there will always be difficulties for players. Floods hit territories, across all countries, significantly affecting the sea. The edge of death is always near, and you will have to fight the weather again. Life will be held by you, trying your best to survive.

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Build boat

You will reside on the same boat that you make. Every day, go collect wood to build ships. The wooden boards are floating on the water, and you will have to take them back to make sturdy boat boards. Also, right on your boat, plant a tree. So that when the tree grows, the player can also cut wood to expand his battleship.

The collection of resources at sea is essential. It will help you get a place to live and move on the sea. Observe carefully because along the way, and you will encounter treasure chests. Quickly grab the chest and unlock the special rewards. Provide all the resources for the player to complete the boat-building job as soon as possible.

Save the lives of others

You are not alone here, and there are many other creatures and people as well. There are people in distress and need your help. Save them from their troubles and save their lives. This also creates an opportunity for players to have a new workforce. Gather workforce and players to get wood and build ships.

The more people you save, the faster your boat will be made. Hard-working people who always work according to specific rules. Players will also need to obey and cannot force them to work when tired. After resting comfortably, they will voluntarily continue with their work without prompting.

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Living in the ocean

You will need to control the boat and direct the others here. Complete the missions as soon as possible. Travel to every location and discover new lands. Idle Arks will let you enjoy the vast ocean habitat. Come on life-and-death journeys with many different activities.

Meet many new characters, accompanying you in this adventure. Resistant to all extremes of weather, wind, storm to be able to live. Idle Arks will be the place for you to challenge yourself on an endless trip between the vast sea.

A trip on a boat in the middle of vast sea space. Players will face many dangers, need to do many different jobs. Collect wood, rescue people in distress, collect gold coins. Upgrade the boat to be more spacious and modern. Experience life with many storms and difficulties in the ocean. Download Idle Arks sea survival mod.

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