Ice Scream 5 Friends MOD APK v1.2.0 (Menu/Unlimited ammo, traps)

Ice Scream 5 Friends is one of the horror games that attract a large number of players. A creepy world will take place. You will have to free your friends from danger. The factories have imprisoned them, the task now is to bring them to safety quickly. Challenges keep coming, players will have to face them.

The chase will take place, rescuing friends will not be easy. The enemy will not let you quickly complete the mission. At the same time, your strength is constantly threatened by them. Find the areas where your friends are being held, and bring them all to a safe location. Step out of this scary dark world.

Download Ice Scream 5 Friends mod – Rescue your friends

One of the best parts plays of the game Ice Scream. Ice Scream 5 Friends has been and is being chosen by many players. Continuing the next developments of the previous game, bringing attractive game modes. Each terrifying secret will be gradually revealed through each level. You will be the main character, having a significant role in performing the tasks.

In addition to the enemy’s resistance, the main difficulty is that each friend will be in a different location. Players will have to gather them to create a fighting army. Attacking Rod, the ice cream guy to have peace. Make them all unsurvivable, defeat them as soon as possible.

The game takes place according to a very unique storyline. The ice-cream seller used tricks to trap his friends. However, it is you who are among the sane, aware of his evil plot. Hit the road and find the ice cream guy’s base and decide to fight. Quickly open the exits to let each friend find a way to escape.

Ironically, the factory’s pipeline has many different nooks and crannies, making each person go his own way. The ice cream guy and Rod force chase you to catch you. They do everything to be able to take the player’s life immediately. At this point, the player will play the role of Mike, continuing to destroy the evil enemies.

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Character switch

A unique feature of the game is the feature for character switching. Ice Scream 5 Friends allows you to play as Mike or J at will. Each character will take to each area, performing different tasks. Depending on the character selection, Ice Scream 5 Friends will bring different experiences.

Connect with Mike or with J to accomplish all the goals set. Swap roles and conquer the challenge when confronting opponents. Move to the factory systems, rescue all your friends before the enemy does terrible things.

Facing the enemies

Still perverts, weird shapes appear. It was the man selling the ice cream, and the factory security force was Mini-Rods. They will walk around and control everything in the factory, and that also creates many obstacles for players. Moreover, everything has been expanded and upgraded.

In front of the eyes are no longer small-scale production rooms. Stepping deep inside will be like a matrix. Sometimes it even makes you scared with everything that happens. The perverts are all focused on their work, players need to take full advantage of the action. Quickly get your friends out of this place, flee from the chases of Rod and the evil ice-cream seller.

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The difficulty levels increase gradually

Includes various levels of play for players to participate in. Includes ghost mode, confronting Rod and his minions. Each level will have different challenges, the difficulty will increase. Players will control the character to move to locations and start doing missions.

To reduce fear and stress, Ice Scream 5 Friends offers a number of mini-games. Players begin to solve puzzles, achieving high scores. After each successful puzzle, you have the opportunity to unlock more mysteries. Add drama and not cause boredom. Conquer difficult levels and win. Download Ice Scream 5 Friends mod defeat the enemies, free the friends from the ice cream factory.

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