Hotel Frenzy MOD APK v1.0.48 (Unlimited money)

Hotel Frenzy mod is a game for those with qualities and passion for management. The game has similar gameplay to Hotel Fever and creates its unique core point. With an almost total rating rate, it will surely convince you from the first moment. Players will be challenged with business activities and real estate management.

Hotel Frenzy will realize the dreams of aspiring people in business. A series of challenges and problems arise that need you to handle. Do you have the talent to lead your hotel into a global development chain? Let’s get right to the quests in Hotel Frenzy.

Download Hotel Frenzy mod – Attractive hotel management simulation game

Hotel Frenzy is based on business management theory. In the game, the player will take on the role of a hotel owner. You are the one who will have to plan the development strategy for the hotel system.

The resources in the hands of each gamer will have their direction and actions. Each level in Hotel Frenzy is directed towards a clear goal. Completing the set goal will take you to the next level. Hotel Frenzy is for those with business blood and sharp thinking.

The game simulates the whole scene of activities derived from real life. Coming to Hotel Frenzy, you can freely make risky decisions without worrying about consequences. Because this is just a fun game, do you still have a chance to correct your mistake and do it again?

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Renovating the system of rooms

The core of a hotel is the room system. This is also one of the tasks that require players to pay attention and improve. Hotel Frenzy offers a wide range of items and furnishings to suit any room type. Changing the structure and interior applying top designs will make the room system completely change.

Room quality is outstanding to attract customers to the resort. That is also the philosophy of rotation of professional managers and business people. Choose a suitable paint color to decorate the four walls.

Then you can add a vase of flowers next to the luxurious sofa and a vivid picture hanging in the room. Indeed customers who rent the space will feel delighted and excited.

Building and training professional staff

Service staff also play an essential role in developing the hotel chain. From the system of chefs, reception staff, room staff, to security guards, all must be professional. As a manager, the player must plan to recruit and train his staff system effectively and regularly.

A talented chef will make diners remember their dishes forever. Or a friendly room service will always make customers love. Take advantage of these advantages to build a staff in the hotel.

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Improve customer satisfaction index

Customers are the ones who pay and bring in income for the hotel. Therefore, the goal of every hotel is to retain and attract more new customers. The only way to do that is to improve the service quality index.

This is a dilemma and headache that you will have to solve. Do business with your heart. Understand and put the interests and needs of customers first. Only then will you become a successful manager. Hotel Frenzy is an addictive game with lots of fun challenges. Come to the game to enjoy the exciting times revolving around the hotel business.

Download Hotel Frenzy mod to build a leading development hotel chain and affirm the talent of a talented manager.

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