Hills of Steel MOD APK v4.2.0 (Unlimited coins)

Hills of Steel – action game on tanks. Control through the bumpy roads, high mountains. Overcome difficult terrain, destroy other opponents while moving. The fun will be what makes you feel from the first time you play.

The image and content of the game create a unique attraction for each player. Confront the enemies, attack quickly before they do it to you. Hills of Steel is a battle on tanks, bringing exciting experiences. Conquer the challenges, become the only survivor in this battle.

Download Hills of Steel mod – Control tanks, attack opponents

Not only is there a tank driving mission, but players will also need to defeat each opponent that appears. Good gameplay has made a lot of gamers choose. Published by Round Zero – always brings funny games, creates relaxation while playing.

Hills of Steel has received a lot of appreciation within a short time of its release. It’s just a place for you to show your car driving skills and strength. Accompanying the tank to face all difficulties and dangers. Reach the hills, steep terrain and defeat the enemy forces fastest.

Perhaps the move is the biggest challenge for players. It is easy to lose if you are not focused while driving. Hills of Steel also requires skills to move forward safely. Perform maneuvers like skilled drivers, despite all the different terrain.

Along the way, opponents will also begin to appear and cause obstacles. You will have to destroy the enemy force to get the way, to the next path. Continue to participate in the war, bombarding enemy tanks one by one. It makes every opponent that appears when there is no way out. Counterattack in quick succession, making all impossible to survive.

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Simple control mechanism

Controlling the tank is not difficult. The operation is effortless to do, even if you are a beginner. You will have the tank move forward or backward, depending on the different situations. Start aiming and make the enemy unable to react.

The control mechanism is simple, but losing can still happen. Your tank can be overturned at any time, careful movement is necessary. This is also what makes the difference in Hills of Steel. Want to try your hand at driving a tank through rough terrain? Hills of Steel is one of the places for players to show off their peak skills.

Move with a variety of tanks

Hills of Steel synthesizes a variety of tanks with modern engines. Some need to be mentioned, such as Croba, Joker, Titan, Phoenix, Reaper, Barracuda… Each tank is equipped with additional weapons. Helps players move and aim at each target.

The guns with high damage will be tools to attack the enemy. Hills of Steel also allows players to shoot from a distance. This feature will help to destroy the opponent thoroughly. In addition, the game will also let you upgrade battle tanks.

Support players while fighting, can throw bombs, mines… Destroy a large number of enemies, own quality tanks. Customize for battle vehicles, quickly win.

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Attack with multiple modes

Battles take place in many different modes. Each challenge and experience will be brought. In PvP mode, the timing will be for 1 minute. The tank with the lower blood pressure will be the loser. Collaborate with teammates and friends to participate in multiplayer mode. You will get help from your friends.

Resist the block, attack from the enemy. Want to face many challenges, you join the risky and classic mode. Facing dangerous bosses with great fighting power. Destroy each enemy vehicle and make them suffer a tragic end.

Battle on tanks moves to any terrain. Exciting experience with a variety of challenges offered. Show your strength and become brave warriors. Attack the battlefields, destroy all enemies. Download Hills of Steel mod fun battle on the rides.

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