High Sea Saga MOD APK v2.3.2 (Unlimited money, research points)

A pirate travels across the vast ocean, leading gangs. The arduous journey of the pirate army is recreated in the High Sea Saga. Players will play the role of a captain, leading the pirate crew. Implement plans and send troops to battle. Attack the monsters, protect your own life. Explore many places, new lands. Everywhere in the sea, there are pirates involved. Take control of the boat to the sea and start with an arduous journey.

Download High Sea Saga mod – The captain commands the pirate army

Control the boat to travel around the area on the sea. It can be likened to an adventure with many difficulties. Searching for treasure, becoming rich is the goal. This adventure will continue as long as you are still playing the game.

The journey seems to have no end, letting you discover many new happenings. Go to the battles, assert your own position. Gather many forces to join and attack the opponent. Conquer the high seas and be the ruler of the entire region.

The area is shown on a large scale. Players will start with each given plan. Set sail and bring all the crew members to this journey. Facing strong forces, decisively fighting to the end. Search and collect rare resources, prevent enemy actions.

There are many unsolved mysteries here. Bringing many surprises, many exciting experiences when playing the role of a professional pirate. Explore everywhere, getting back valuable loot. The journey will be saved, taking you to the islands in the vast sea.

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Travel around the world

Go anywhere, all over the seas of the world. Move to small seas and move to larger, more challenging areas. The treasures will also be buried in various locations. You will need to search along with the army, grow for finance. The treasures are buried deep underground, to be able to own them, you also need to go through many dangers.

In addition to searching and traveling around the area, go to the seaports. This place takes place many activities, exchanges, and trades with many items. Sometimes some things fulfill your needs. Go anywhere you want, complete all the missions.

Sea battle

Going to each sea with the desire to own this place. Along the way, you will encounter many scary creatures. They can attack, adversely affect human life. Get in the way of your journey, bring challenges. To continue the trip, there is no other way but to fight. Fight against powerful forces, monsters in large numbers.

Gather warriors to battle, mount weapons on boats to counterattack. The aggression and the fighting style they cause are not simple. Make sure an army is strong enough and has new tactics that can be overcome. Defeat them and get more rewards. Move on to the next journey with a new challenge.

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Gather the participating crew members

The crew will be the force for you to use in battles. Recruit warriors with many skills, experience in combat. Each person will take on their own position, contributing to defeating the opponent. They will be warriors, supporting you in any case. Ready to face many monsters, determined to fight for a noble goal.

Do not forget to upgrade the strength and new attack ways for warriors. Improve combat speed, practice many tactics. To stand in front of all enemies and quickly make them lose. Make the right decisions, build a powerful army to repel the enemy.

The stories of pirates’ journeys seem to have no end. High Sea Saga has you as one of the pirates, ready to do anything to achieve your goal. Set sail and dock to the islands to perform missions. Download High Sea Saga mod to conquer the sea, master the vast sea area.

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