Hidden City MOD APK v1.47.4703 (Free shopping)

Hidden City is an adventurous journey full of mystery and fun. Players will perform the search for hidden objects, going through many difficulties. At the same time, find a way to rescue your best friend from the danger zone.

Each set challenge will also need to apply thinking to solve and find clues. You need to solve puzzles to get the answers for yourself against the evil forces. Meet a variety of characters and discover how the story unfolds. What you get will be completely worth your efforts and determination.

Download Hidden City – Find objects and rescue your friend in danger

The whole city is covered by ghosts that make life turn upside down. Whether the rumors that are happening true or not? Faced with that situation, the detective was also conducted to investigate. The person in charge of those tasks is none other than you.

Go collect evidence and relevant information to conclude. Figure out a specific way to get your friend back safely. Special characters will also appear and bring many exciting details. Gone with the mystery in the city, fighting against the lurking evil. Enjoy an exciting adventure with a variety of scenarios.

Players will be set foot in a somewhat mysterious location. Here will have the appearance of magic, witchcraft, and science combined together. Based on thoughts, a little clue to solve all the problems that are facing.

People and things around also bring many unusual things. Uncertainty and danger seem to be emanating from the illusory black smoke. Highly focused on entering the detective, learning about everything that happens. Complete the puzzles excellently, and save your best friend back to safety.

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Overcome the challenge to rescue you

Facing many hardships while on the way to rescue your own friend. You will stand in front of the adventure and move to all locations to find out where your friend is being held. Dark dungeons, by all means, find you before the enemy appears. What happens will never be forewarned, but always a surprise.

Quick reflexes and intelligent solutions will help you get through it all. Boldly step into places you’ve never been before, uncovering all the mysteries. The other friend’s life will depend on the player’s quick and tactical ability. Despite the danger to complete even the riskiest mission.

Conquer the pieces

Come to Hidden City – where there are quite a few mysterious pieces. Players will find the same pieces to quickly complete the puzzle. They are arranged without any rules, in chaotic positions. Therefore, it also makes it difficult for you to search. Execution at a fast pace is also what gives it an advantage.

Thinking and tactics are things to use when entering these puzzle screens. After flipping all the pieces, the victory will also belong to you. However, it is not easy at all on some levels, sometimes causing you to lose. Do not rush to give up because everything can start over and produce better results than the beginning.

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Facing evil forces

The city has things that are hard to explain on days one and two. Shadow City will bring a lot of mysteries, where players need to find answers to questions. This will also be the time when you need to face dangerous forces. Fight to destroy the cruel monsters, do not let them rampage.

Confront formidable cults, get out of a place where danger always follows. Not only a place for you to show your thinking ability but also to assert your strength. Dare to face all opponents and make them no longer have a chance to survive.

Download Hidden City mod find a way to save your friend back to a safe place and flip to find all the mysterious pieces.

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