Hero Age MOD APK v3.4.3 (Dumb enemy)

A role-playing game and become a multi-talented hero. This is a game theme that many gamers love. Hero Age is one of them, offering a variety of quests. In particular, the game allows players to participate in offline mode. Mission to attack monsters and protect your living area. Hero Age certainly will not let you down with exciting gameplay. Make a difference from games of the same genre. Let’s fight together, attack all kinds of monsters to make the world peaceful.

Download Hero Age mod – Destroy monsters, protect humanity

The world with the appearance of many monsters. With a vast number, always bring dangers to this place. You will be the one to stand up to solve and destroy all their forces. Hero Age brings weapons and equipment to support you in battle. Let players play the role of many different hero characters. Each person will have a unique ability and strength.

Confront countless monsters and quickly drive them out of the territory. Quickly liberate this land, there are no more dangerous monsters. Realistic depiction of what happens against the backdrop of raging monsters. The control system is also very simple, and the operations are easy.

Buttons to press skills and let the character move. Go to every location and defeat all the enemies. Those monsters will all have to accept death. Complete quests and increase your combat power. Hero Age also allows you to go everywhere, meet many different monsters, bring a great experience. Coming to Hero Age, players will be real heroes. Show abilities, quickly eliminate monsters one by one.

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Hero character system

Fight with a strong squad of heroes, with great attack power. All are recreated based on the archetypes in fantasy novels. Bringing the most authenticity for players to choose to role-play the character. Including Knights, Mage, Archers, and Swordsmen. As for the Knight, he could slay monsters with a sword in his hand. Magicians can use powerful magic, confronting demons is no longer an obstacle.

With a bow, Archers will use it to shoot at any distance, attacking monsters from space. It gives an advantage as well as makes it easier to defeat monsters. Swordsman – a hero who can both use magic and use all combat skills. Hero system with a lot of different abilities. During the battle, depending on each monster, you can choose or replace the appropriate heroes.

Unique combat equipment and skills

A powerful army, the equipment is still indispensable. Hero Age has provided all that is needed for the fight. Armor, items… everything was carefully prepared. Each hero will have advanced weapons, giving them more power. Combined with the skills they have, their combat power will be significantly increased.

Diverse types of unique weapons, with great damage. Choose and use them wisely in any case. Deal with each monster, don’t let them harm you. Continuously attacking the monster force is also one of the fastest ways to eliminate them.

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Challenging battle area

Lands with the presence of various monsters. They always bring danger, destruction here. Their counterattack is also powerful. Your life can be taken away at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to dodge attacks from them quickly. Each location will have challenges, different types of monsters. In addition, Hero Age also has a game mode in hell. You will get a completely different experience.

The monsters will also be more diverse, players will also be able to use powerful combat equipment. The game mode always creates drama, not boring. Go to each region and join the fight. Role-play each character and make the enemy have no way to survive. Download Hero Age mod to control heroes to protect life for humanity.

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