Fallout Shelter MOD APK v1.14.17 (Unlimited money)

Fallout Shelter is a game for you to explore and participate in life with the characters. Overcome challenges and discover many new things. Working with residents and creating new achievements. The appeal of the game is what has attracted millions of players.

You will transform into those characters and start with your own journey. Meet many people and build strong bases. Bringing a better life to the people living here. Fallout Shelter will let players manage their own town. Where people are living and working are in danger of being destroyed.

Download game Fallout Shelter mod – Manage town, stabilize life for residents

The land in your town is in trouble and facing a critical situation. You will be the one who needs to stand up to protect and improve your life. Helping people to have a life with a variety of activities. Create a stable living and vibrant working environment. Control all problems in society and make adjustments as necessary.

Fallout Shelter offers a good game and fun gameplay. Bring happiness and stable income to residents. Fallout Shelter will work with you to create a reasonable distribution and have specific plans. Come to Fallout Shelter Fallout Shelter and explore new lands, create more jobs so people can improve their lives.

Players will be able to make their own decisions and monitor all residents’ activities. Matters such as electricity, water, food, food are also under your control. Create a future and all the best. Build towers to be able to rescue people from great dangers.

Get a safe place to live and live with full amenities. That’s all you need to do and get it done. Are you ready to start doing those jobs? How to build the safest and most effective base? Come right to Fallout Shelter and find out for yourself.

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Explore the wastelands

The land is the place for you to build your own works. Explore and learn more about that land. Start with adventures and collect natural resources. Use them for different purposes. Create products and utensils from those resources.

Water and food are factors that you need to take care of. Without these two things, people would die from there. Players will also not have the human resources to work and produce resources. Therefore, exploit from the wasteland itself and embark on finding food and water sources to sustain life.

Resident management

Assign and arrange them into jobs appropriate to each ability. They are people shown with their own abilities and personalities. Players need to get to know them and learn more about each resident. Then let them take on the most appropriate jobs. Working in factories, treating water, working in restaurants, and countless other jobs. Continuously supervise and assign to different positions.

At the same time, there should be a close inspection of residents from time to time. From there, you will also understand more about people as well as customize jobs when needed. Improve labor efficiency and help each person to maintain a desired job.

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Build tunnels

Build the rooms and tunnels as you want. Arrange the rooms and furniture in the most reasonable way. Upgrade and create an abundant resource. The expansion of the tunnels is quite necessary and needs to be done quickly. It affects the residents who live here. So the speed of completion is essential. Make each room more modern, with enough supplies to meet the needs of working and living.

Get in with people and make them happy. Provide the most advanced costumes and weapons to perform the tasks in the best way. Resistant to hazards as well as preserving life. Search for the clothes and change the image for each character. Download Fallout Shelter mod to grow the population and create new relationships.

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