EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK v1.7.07 (Menu/Move speed multiplier)

EMERGENCY HQ is an exciting strategy game that lets you become a firefighter. Complete every mission with unique skills. The inherent abilities will be the way for you to rescue and protect the people here. Always present promptly in case of fire, ambulance, contribute your strength to the rescue team.

Gather with armies to coordinate and support each other in any case. EMERGENCY HQ will let players play an important role, operating the entire team’s activities. Quickly complete all missions, overcome challenges.

Download EMERGENCY HQ mod – Professional lifeguard

You will be one of the rescue team members, performing some assigned tasks. Whenever the city has a problem, you will be the one to solve it. At the same time, manage the team and arrange the work accordingly. Fast speed, timely handling will be the way to get the victory.

Each level will present different unexpected situations. Players have to face a series of challenges and difficulties. Not only saving people but also animals, fighting all kinds of terrorism… All work will be done by the player, when finished, you are the winner.

A game with fresh gameplay that will not let you down. Command each army, set up a team to participate in the mission. No matter what the job is, you are the one to find a way to handle it. Help those in need, protect human life.

Build a rescue alliance to support any incident. 4 units that the player will need to direct each position to the staff. Ensure the completion time and progress for each case are different. The goal is to support people in need, not to affect people’s lives.

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Challenging quest

Each participating unit will be assigned its own tasks. Depending on the team’s specialty, the team will take on different jobs. Firefighters will have to handle the fire and save people from danger, about medical staff responsible for the health and care of accident victims.

Construction work will be in charge of engineers, building the necessary facilities for the unit. Deal with any situation that occurs in the city. The police force will attack, prevent terrorism from the enemy. Make weapons and don’t let bad guys affect the security order of the whole city.

Handling emergencies

The city is constantly experiencing unexpected incidents, many unpredictable cases. After receiving the urgent message, the player needs to make a decision. Use your brain to be able to solve those problems completely. Summon all units and arrange positions to deal with them quickly.

There are reasonable considerations in the use of staff. Using too many employees in the same job will cause a waste of resources and inefficiencies. Conversely, fewer people handling it will not achieve the desired results. Distributing the team to perform at many locations and locations to develop a reasonable solution jointly.

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Senior manager

You are a manager, a commanding officer, constantly making specific resolution decisions from setting up an army, preparing the right equipment for each employee, to strategies to complete the mission. Every decision affects the outcome of that work. Players need to think carefully and take appropriate actions to solve them thoroughly.

Arrange and select members with many skills, creating a perfect team. Build more facilities, prepare more equipment to support the work. Invest in additional equipment and forces, but not use them above the state budget. There are suitable options, solutions for every situation that occurs.

Rescue work has never been easy. It needs to require skills, professionalism, and speed when working. As a person in a management position, the responsibility is even greater. You and the units will have to face many different challenges and tasks. Download EMERGENCY HQ mod to become a lifeguard, ensuring the safety of the whole city.

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