Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK v1.64.6 (Unlimited Runes)

Dragons: Rise of Berk is a game for you to train dragons. Keep the Viking village safe. Join the dragons to attack to destroy all enemies. Explore the vast world with dragons and immerse yourself in life here. Bring fascinating gameplay for you to conquer.

You will be able to control the dragon to all opponents. Quickly attack and focus on destroying all enemy forces. The mighty dragon will be the player’s companion. Join the fight to keep the village peaceful so that the lives of people here are not threatened by evil enemies.

Download Dragons: Rise of Berk mod – Train dragons to attack enemies

The game is based on a very popular cartoon. It was this movie that was the inspiration for the publisher to launch the game. After only a short time of release, Dragons: Rise of Berk has received millions of downloads. High entertainment, attractive game modes have made the game community attractive.

The task that you will need to perform is with the dragon to destroy the enemies as quickly as possible. This place will depend on you, and life will be decided by you. Do not let any evil people affect the Vikings. Face each enemy, cultivate many new dragons to improve attack ability.searching, you can also send them to the battlefield. Go to the wars and fight the hateful dragon hunters.

Step into the battle and destroy the enemies in the fastest time. Let the dragon have Start with the journey to find dragons and train a powerful army. In addition to each skill to fight and attack powerfully. Nurture each dragon and continue with you into battles. Download Dragons: Rise of Berk mod protect dragons and fight against enemies.

The Vikings had slain dragons before, and the two could not live together. The contradiction is getting bigger and bigger, and it’s up to you to resolve it. Join Hiccup so that humans and dragons can live together in peace. But in the process of implementation, there are many more bad guys hunting dragons.

That is the force that you need to destroy immediately. At the head of the enemy, the army was Drago. Players will need to stand up for dragons and fend off cruel hunters. Do everything to be able to solve the problems between Vikings and dragons soon. Make life and dragons safe.

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75 species of dragons

Go to many locations and collect more dragon eggs. Dragons: Rise of Berk has up to 75 different dragon species for you to train. Grow for them to grow and continue to gain strength. They are not available, and you have to search everywhere.

Go to each land and collect dragons. While going, there will be wars that are broken out. Facing enemies that block your way, affecting your dragon search. Collect more dragons and train them to fight like real heroes.

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The dragons will gather on the islands. Therefore, the place you need to go is the islands. With 60 islands in the vast Viking territory, players will go there and collect dragon eggs. Hatch them and raise them, gathering into a great force.

From there, fight every opponent and use all the dragons you want to fight. With each species, they will have different fighting abilities. Each case confronts the enemy and chooses the dragon with the best fighting power. Getting rid of the hunters won’t be difficult anymore.

Dragon development

Take care of dragons to grow and develop because they can be as big as humans. Their upgrade is shown by level, not by age. Feed dragons the food they like, gain energy to participate in the fight. In addition, two significant buildings are Meade Hall and Academy.

Players will also need to upgrade this building so that the dragon can be more consequential. It directly affects the survival of dragons. That’s why players will need to raise and ensure the dragon has the best life.

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