Dragon Village MOD APK v13.68 (Unlimited money)

The Dragon Village mod craze is certainly not far away for gamers who love the simulation game genre. This game, along with Dragon City and Monster Legend, is the trio that is storming the market. The symbol of strength and greatness will become a pet in your dragon city.

Dragon Village brings a new combination that will be an exciting experience for gamers. Never before has this sacred animal become so close and familiar. Players will take on the role of nannies and coaches. So how do you develop your dragon city? Let Dragon Village give you the most convincing answer.

Download Dragon Village mod – Explore the world of dragons

The most prominent feature that every gamer realizes in the game is the highly diverse dragon world. Dragon Village brings hundreds of different dragon species. Each species of dragon is a representation of a specific element. A vivid dragon world is effectively reproduced with detailed and beautiful sketches. 3D technology makes images of earth dragons, fire dragons, water dragons… appear sharp.

Players will find their dragons so funny and lovely. They are in stark contrast to the ferocious and terrifying appearance that people still refer to when talking about dragons. The unique combination of role-playing and tactical genres in Dragon Village will surely make players fall in love.

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Breed and unlock new dragon breeds

With a diverse dragon system, the opportunity for players to own more new dragon species is very open. Dragon Village allows players to breed dragons to create new strains. Capturing the characteristics and combining dragon elements will create unique dragon species. Along with that, there are dragons added by unlocking.

Rare dragons cannot be easily obtained. Players need to try to complete many tasks to collect eggs. There will be dragons possessing 4 to 5 elements at the same time. Always have the ability to adapt to superior environments. Of course, you need to put in a lot of work to get the results you deserve. Accompanying pets from birth to adulthood is always an indescribable experience.

Become a Billionaire

Not only having fun by raising pets, but Dragon Village also helps you become a billionaire. Gamers can earn money from the activity of raising dragons. Although it is just a virtual currency, it is exceptionally effective for gamers of Dragon Village. This amount is collected when the player completes the set tasks.

The money in Dragon Village includes diamonds, coins, gems… Do well in the game’s mission, and you can become a dragon-raising billionaire. Thanks to this abundant resource, upgrading and expanding the dragon’s habitat will be met. Find a way to get rich from the pets in the garden you own.

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Upgrade and manage the dragon system

Possessing hundreds of dragons in hand requires the player to manage. You need to plan and come up with alternatives. That’s how to maintain and develop the dragon system effectively. Pay attention to related works that optimally serve the development of dragons. Hatchery buildings, food supplies, and dragon training grounds need to be expanded.

The more the number of dragons grows, the higher their needs will be. Besides, you also have to pay attention to upgrading for dragons. Over time, the physique and abilities of the dragons increasingly changed. They are no longer cute little creatures when they come out of the incubated eggshell. Make the town you manage the ideal living environment. That’s what your pets deserve.

Enjoy the bloody battles

Participating in fierce and bloody battles is a way to assert the position of each gamer. Players have the right to choose the three strongest dragons to join in the arena. In addition to the internal strength of the dragon warriors, there needs to be an intelligent coping strategy.

These two crucial factors will create a victory for the player. Each dragon has its advantages. The support and coordination of actions among the members will maximize combat ability. Each battle that takes place will have two teams participating. Players can choose to fight directly with other opponents.

Or you can also join the default machine-controlled matches. With each game, the winning team will receive some reward. The value of the prize is determined by the level of the dragon participating in the battle. Download Dragon Village mod, enjoy the fun with dragon town, and create the most powerful warriors.

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