Dragon Hills MOD APK v1.4.4 (Unlimited coins)

Dragon Hills is a game for the princess’ companion against the enemy. Sit on the back of the Dragon and overcome all the obstacles. Defeat the evil enemies and gain freedom. Play the role of a strong princess who dares to stand up to fight. No longer the shy or weak girl you used to see.

Dragon Hills will bring a girl with personality and dare to fight against all bad guys. Quickly kill all the enemies and escape the tower. A game that will bring exciting gameplay for you to fight with the princess. Hit the road and chase all the bad guys, don’t let them survive.

Download Dragon Hills mod – Destroy enemies with the princess

Not the battle of the prince to rescue the princess. The new gameplay that Dragon Hills brings is that the princess herself will save herself. Her castle has been robbed of valuables by the bad guys. Now, she will have to track down and take their lives. Strength and determination to fight will be what makes victory.

Dragon will be your trusted friend and help the princess move in the fastest way. Cross all roads and go at a rapid speed. Chase each opponent and attack in succession. Open the intense battle and start with the trip journey. Face many difficulties and challenges along the way, trying to destroy all the bad guys.

She is a woman who appears with a gentle and meek appearance. Have you ever thought that the princess will enter the thrilling battles? That will be done when you get to Dragon Hills. Feel no fear when facing formidable opponents.

The princess will ride the Dragon and go to every place where the enemy is present to make a fierce attack. Dragon Hills will open up a tense confrontation, join the endless ride. Accomplish the quest for revenge and regain freedom. Players will be involved and enter the adventure with danger. Do everything to make the princess attack all enemies.

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Control the Dragon princess

The player will control the battle princess. She will sit on the Dragon’s back and go to all the locations. You will let the Dragon move with different movements. Fly high to attack or dive into the abyss to dodge a counterattack. Dragon Hills with very simple controls, easy for Dragon to go to all areas.

Pay attention along the way and stay focused. Quick hands, quick eyes will also be an advantage for players to win. Help the Dragon move skillfully and avoid all dangerous obstacles on the way. Get close to each hateful enemy and make them irresistible. Take the princess to the place where the opponents are and kill all the enemy troops.

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Safe tunnel

The Dragon’s unique ability to help avoid counterattacks is the tunnel. Dragons can dig tunnels and go down there whenever they want. The tunnel will prevent the princess from being hit by enemy attacks. It is a safe haven when being strongly resisted by evil forces.

At the same time, this is also a way to avoid dangerous obstacles on the way. Ensure the safest and for the little princess not to have an accident. The power of the Dragon is also a powerful weapon for the princess to conquer. Go deep underground, soar in the air. Destroy all obstacles to travel on all roads. Go where there are enemies and make fierce confrontations.

Attractive gameplay

Bringing new levels of drama and challenges. After each mission is completed, you will be opened to a new round. The difficulty will also be increased, and the appearance of bad guys will also be more. At the same time, dangerous objects obstructing the path will also increase. Players need to observe carefully and control the character intelligently.

Collect a lot of gold and bring back large amounts of money. Upgrade your Dragon with more spells and powers, for the princess will have strong and fierce fighting power. So that all the forces of bad guys will no longer be something the princess has to fear. Download Dragon Hills mod with the princess to fight against all hostile forces.

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