Dragon Battle MOD APK v13.42 (Unlimited money, resources)

Join the battle with dragons in Dragon Battle. The game summons many dragons with mighty destructive power to fight all enemies. Step into fierce battles, where you can show your strength. Build a powerful dragon army, ready to enter the tough battles.

Dive into the world of dragons, exploit their strengths to attack opponents. Step by step, destroy every enemy that appears, become one of the strongest dragon warriors. Take part in the levels, face every challenge that is brought. Lead the dragon army to battle, perform offensive actions on the opponent.

Download Dragon Battle mod – War of dragon warriors

Dragon Battle recreates the battle of dragons and enemies. The opponents will constantly appear, causing many dangers that you need to destroy. Develop a battle squad with diverse and powerful dragons. Go to every battle site, face off against enemy forces. Collect many new dragons, make the army more and more numerous.

Accompany them in their decisive battle, eliminating the enemy from the area. Take the military commander’s role, not giving an enemy a chance to win. Coordinate combat on all fronts, causing the enemy to receive death.

Simulate the entire battle process, letting you witness the whole dramatic happenings. There will be pet dragons here, supporting you while attacking opponents. Each open match will have difficulties, and the enemy appears in large numbers. Players will face all challenges, performing well in the role of a military leader.

At the same time, it is necessary to use smart attacks to get the victory. Observe the opponent and promptly dodge counterattacks from them, preserving the force. Ready to enter the battlefield, use all dragon’s abilities to destroy the enemy.

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Fight to destroy the opponent

Players will accompany their dragons to attack the enemy. Go to battle, get ready for every match that lies ahead. You will have to face a giant boss that can take your life with just one attack. Not only that, but they also brought a large force, surrounding the whole battle.

Each level will gradually increase in difficulty and danger, requiring skills when fighting. Work closely with teammates, creating mighty destructive power so that the opponent can’t resist. For each successful destruction of the enemy, you will receive the corresponding number of points.

Enter the next match, fight to destroy more formidable bosses. The main goal when entering the game is to eliminate all opponents, leaving them with no chance of survival. When the goal is accomplished, the victory will be yours.

Collect dragons

The force joining you will be dragon warriors. In addition to the dragons provided by default when participating in the game, you need to collect new dragons. Tame them and bring them to the team to build a powerful force. When moving to locations in Dragon Battle, you can quickly meet different dragon species.

Conquering the army is a must, helping to improve combat ability. Moreover, players can also breed to own rare dragon warriors. Train combat skills, increase strength through levels. Form a squad with many diverse dragon species, coordinate to attack in matches.

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Grow your dragons

A large force of dragons will give the team an advantage. After you have captured some dragon species, you need to develop them. Perform the incubation process and hatch new dragons. Each dragon will have different personalities and abilities that you need to learn.

Arrange in each suitable battle position, deal with each enemy. Upgrading dragons and developing all skills will make confronting the enemy no longer hindering. Adventure to every battle location, master the battle. Successfully completing the tasks, accompanying on the way to fight with the mighty dragon army. Download Dragon Battle mod joins dragons and destroys opponents in every match.

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