Cooking Fever MOD APK v15.0.0 (Unlimited money)

Do you love to cook and want to be a good chef? Cooking Fever is a game for you to hide delicious food and prepare it with many ingredients. Players will be able to cook their own favorite dishes at luxury restaurants. Show off your talents and create attractive menus.

Dreaming of becoming a talented chef will no longer be a problem. Cooking Fever will accompany you to conquer this journey and quickly make it true. Create delicious meals, reach many customers to enjoy. Quickly develop the restaurant and build your own brand.

There is not too much time in the kitchen as well as limited food ingredients. That will no longer be a problem when you come to Cooking Fever. The game will take you to the culinary world, making food with lots of spices. Mix drinks with many beautiful colors.

All will be done when you come to Cooking Fever. The game will let players manage a restaurant, looking for potential customers. Create your own kitchen space, have new dishes, and attract many people to eat. Decorate the dining room and make your own style.

Download Cooking Fever mod – Professional Cooking Chef

It takes a lot of different factors to be a chef. However, Cooking Fever will simplify all requirements, helping players cook easily. Use skills and processing methods for different ingredients. This is a game dedicated to those who love to cook, want to have more cooking experiences. Go to the kitchen and do whatever you want. No need to worry about food or utensils to cook.

Everything has been fully provided by Cooking Fever. Players just need to choose and start with the cooking process. Each meal with delicious desserts, nutrients, and is beautifully presented. Quickly bring your restaurant to more customers, build a famous brand.

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Restaurant decoration

In order for customers to always remember the restaurant, players need to build a beautiful restaurant with all the necessary tools. Decorate furniture and arrange it neat and clean. That is also the way to get satisfaction from customers.

Create an airy and cool space, making customers feel comfortable. When a larger number of people come to eat, players will also need to invest in more advanced equipment. To be able to increase the productivity of processing dishes in the fastest time.

Don’t make the arrivals wait too long. Increase capacity so that the restaurant can retain more potential customers. From there, players will also have more income to invest in restaurants. Machines, utensils, build a bigger and more beautiful restaurant.

Cooking delicious food

Food selection and processing make many different dishes. Make menus with a variety of dishes and attract people to eat. Use stoves, fryers, and more. To be able to bring quality dishes, making the diners remember forever.

Not only nutritious dishes, fast foods, and drinks are also created. Coffee cups, multicolored smoothies, cookies, and pies… Everything is done quickly, according to the requirements set by the customer. Through this, players will also know how to create more dishes.

Make use of each ingredient to bring the most delicious menus. At each level of the game, there will be different requirements that you need to do. Processing time is also extremely important, which needs to be met well. If you make customers wait too long, they will leave, and you will lose a large number of people who come to eat at the restaurant.

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Various locations

Many locations are brought by Cooking Fever. Players will be able to choose and cook at their favorite places. The restaurant is luxurious and has all the amenities. It is the place with the best conditions for players to live with their own passion.

Be the owner of a large and famous restaurant, manage and develop the restaurant further. Asian restaurants with a large number of customers. Devoted to cooking unique dishes with their own flavor. Use skills and ingredients to create more and more new dishes.

A professional chef and show your talent wherever you want. Quickly expand to add more restaurants, upgrade the kitchen to be modern and fully functional. Download Cooking Fever mod talented chef, create menus with many delicious dishes.

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