Cooking Diary Restaurant Game MOD APK v1.49.1 (Unlimited money)

Are you a cooking lover? Then let Cooking Diary Restaurant Game give wings to your passion. This is a simulation game that exploits the culinary theme in life. It has become a hit game when it attracts attention and appreciation from gamers.

Immerse yourself in the world of food, and you will have exciting experiences when participating in challenges. Cooking Diary Restaurant Game has become a valuable playground for food lovers. Bringing great kitchen spaces for chefs to unleash their skills. You will not be able to ignore this game in your favorite games list.

Download Cooking Diary Restaurant Game mod – Food heaven

Coming to Cooking Diary Restaurant Game, you have come to culinary paradise. Here players will be attracted and overwhelmed by the eye-catching and delicious dishes. Requirements for enjoying food have changed significantly.

Diners, when coming to restaurants, want to be served dishes that are presented nice and must be quality. That is why the restaurant business is growing day by day. Restaurant managers have also paid more attention to the selection of chefs and kitchen design.

In the Cooking Diary Restaurant Game, the story the player has to deal with involves a restaurant. Your boss is on the verge of bankruptcy. Business is in a difficult situation. Moreover, competitors are also looking for ways to acquire the restaurant.

As a chef who loves his profession, you decide to do something to help the owner keep restaurant. Your cooking talent will bring unexpected changes to the game. This is an opportunity for players to show their culinary genius. Restoring the reputation and name of the restaurant is the goal that the player needs to achieve.

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Hundreds of unique recipes

Cooking Diary Restaurant Game offers hundreds of different recipes. These are all famous dishes from different cultures around the world. You will get to explore and learn new recipes from oriental dishes to modern western words.

Every one of the recipes is a creation. You can choose and utilize ingredients to create unique dishes for diners to enjoy. The kitchen in Cooking Diary Restaurant Game will be where you create your recipes.

Build your restaurant

Cooking Diary Restaurant Game isn’t just about cooking challenges. In this game, you are also challenged as a manager. Players can create their own branded restaurant chains. The land of Tasty Hills offers many business development opportunities that you should take advantage of. Use your aesthetic ability to decorate your restaurant splendidly and be eye-catching.

It will attract diners and keep them entertained. Everything is within reach of the player. Waiting for the restaurant opening event is always expected from players. Cooking Diary Restaurant Game is a place you can exploit to enrich yourself.

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Conquer culinary contests

It is a big mistake if your cooking talent is unknown to everyone. Cooking Diary Restaurant Game understands this desire, so it has created culinary competitions. At these competitions, you will compete with other professional chefs. As a competition, there is always a high level of competition among the members. But it is also a motivation for chefs to bring out their full potential.

The player’s goal when participating in culinary competitions is to assert outstanding talent. At the same time, you can also conquer the crown for the most talented chef. Thanks to it, your reputation will be known by many people. The restaurant’s business is also more favorable since then. Do not hesitate to try and participate in these prestigious competitions for chefs.

Interact with pets

The pets are the supporting characters in the Cooking Diary Restaurant Game. But that does not mean that they are less important. Thanks to the presence of pets, the game becomes more vivid and colorful. Players can interact and play with their pets.

Your life in Cooking Diary Restaurant Game will be brighter. Many pets such as cats, dogs, and chickens will become close friends of the player. Download Cooking Diary Restaurant Game mod to enter the culinary world and try your hand at the role of a professional chef.

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