BombSquad MOD APK v1.6.4 (Unlocked)

BombSquad – the game controls the character to bomb, attack opponents. A game that brings high entertainment to players. Use bombs to fight and take down each opponent. Playing skill is what determines your victory. The gameplay is not too difficult, BombSquad needs to have focus and know-how to control the character to avoid counterattacks from the enemy.

Easy and challenging levels for you to choose from. Continue to exciting levels and defeat all enemy forces. Show your level through each game screen, destroy all opponents. Pick up the bomb bags and start the fight against them.

Download BombSquad mod – Bomber master

Fun action game with exciting missions. Give players the thrill of each challenge created. Experience the game rounds with different levels, throw bombs to attack the enemies. The sound and the images produced are also what make the attraction of game.

Becoming a bomb master will no longer be too tricky. Come to BombSquad and start with thrilling battles. Only bombs are the only weapon, confronts dangerous enemies. Attack quickly and know how to avoid any counterattack from them. Be safe and win.

Intense head-to-head battle with enemies and bombs. Players will use bombs to fight them. BombSquad with simple gameplay and lets you step into brutal fighting. Show your ability through each fighting style, score the highest score. Strike the enemy, don’t let them survive.

Go to each level of the game and challenge yourself to face formidable enemies. Defeat and set up the highest achievements through each round. Let’s go to battle and create new breakthroughs together, causing all opponents to lose. Drop bombs and don’t give the enemy a chance to counterattack.

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Challenging level selection

Each level will bring different levels of play. With each different challenge, the difficulty will also be increased gradually through each round. Game modes like Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Bomber Hockey, and Epic Slow Motion Elimination.

You will have the option to play with any way you want. Bring different experiences for you to conquer the highest score. With Bomber Hockey – the most challenging level requires good playing skills. The terrain for players to conquer will also be narrower.

At the same time, the enemies appeared in large numbers. You will need to work hard to kill all of them. Don’t let the enemy take your life. Players can fight in teams or alone, overcoming any challenge quickly. Get started right away with BombSquad and experience the rest of the levels!

Confront the enemies

The powerful enemy force will be the opponent that you need to destroy. They also have their powers and the ability to cause players obstacles. Always looking for ways to put players in danger. The opponents will also have a great deal of resistance, and you will need to fight hard. Perform attacks by moving with the control panels on the screen.

Use flexible operations to eliminate all enemies in the shortest time quickly. BombSquad for players to face a large number of opponents. The higher the level, the more the number. Concentrate hard and continuously bomb the enemy to stop the dangerous attack.

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Play offline and online

Includes online and offline play for players to choose from. Experience attacking enemies and score points after completing each mission. The only thing you need to do is drop bombs to kill all enemies. Win each level and top the leaderboards. Connect the game over the internet or offline for new experiences.

BombSquad offers variety across game modes. Continuously upgrade and bring challenging levels for players to explore their limits. Face many enemies and participate in each round to get the highest score. Download BombSquad mod to become a bomb master against all enemies.

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