BOKU BOKU MOD APK v1.0.213 (Unlimited candies)

BOKU BOKU mod brings you to the world of cubes. Players will be creative when interacting with subjects. With fun and exciting gameplay, BOKU BOKU becomes an addictive game. You will be a potential architectural designer. This is the ideal environment for those who are passionate about architecture. Your hidden potential will have the opportunity to be discovered.

The gameplay of BOKU BOKU is not too new. Mine Craft is a classic game with similar gameplay. It has stood firm and became the monument of this game genre. But not because of that. BOKU BOKU is less attractive. The game still has millions of downloads and rave reviews.

Download BOKU BOKU mod – Interesting architecture building game

Coming to BOKU BOKU, players can challenge their creativity with blocks. You will be like an architect designing and creating different architectural works. Freedom to do what you like and make it come true. It can be said that this is an exciting playground with many surprises.

The unlimited number of works as well as architecture. It is all decided by the player’s understanding and intelligence. But first, to get to the design, the player needs to build a hero of their own. Next, you will use the character to create a series of buildings from houses, schools, parks…

In BOKU BOKU, the objects that players interact with are pixelated blocks. They are simulated through 2D graphics. Lots of different types of blocks for players to think of and implement. Those are significant materials to help you realize your thoughts. Let your soul relax and grow freely.

A familiar swing reminiscent of childhood or decorative furniture for the house. All can be done in BOKU BOKU. The game developer is also very attentive and regularly adds new blocks. You will have more exciting options to enjoy the game.

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Enjoy the world of music

Not only being created BOKU BOKU also brings a fascinating world of music. A lot of musical instruments are included in the game. You can use them to enjoy melodious music. An instrumental challenge in BOKU BOKU is an indispensable part.

Pianos, saxophones, drum sets, and more will become your musical instruments. The sonic effect produced by the agencies is also very realistic and inspiring. Players will be delighted with the music they composed themselves. Let BOKU BOKU discover each person’s musical ability.

Character customization

BOKU BOKU also includes a character customization feature in the game. You will manually create your favorite character. Not only that, but BOKU BOKU also provides a system of items and tools to change the character’s appearance. From hats, costumes to characters’ facial expressions can all be transformed.

Each player will have her their aesthetic style. The character created will show each person’s personality and taste. A character wearing a luxurious suit will look utterly different from the ninja figure. You will have a lot of outfit options to refresh your character.

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Multiplayer items and features

BOKU BOKU has many valuable items for players to collect. You will earn coins for completing challenges. The money earned will help players shop and equip accessories for the character. Especially in multiplayer mode, the biggest reward you can achieve is the championship.

A competitive playground always makes gamers excited. Compete with other gamers and prove your talent. Download the BOKU BOKU mod, participate in the challenges of building architecture from blocks and enjoy the fun.

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