Blade Idle MOD APK v1.3.1 (Menu/DMG, Def slider/Attack speed)

Blade Idle brings a story about a girl working as a herbalist. Seeing the sword accidentally made her a great hero. Engage in fierce battles in the dungeon, find a way to eliminate opponents. The game will let you witness the entire battle happening.

Show extraordinary strength through formidable attacks. Fight to defeat the enemy, get out of danger. Will you be able to pass and win? It will all depend on your ability, how you fight against enemy forces and monsters. Fight with strength and strategy to get the results you want.

Download Blade Idle mod – Knight against monsters in the dungeon

The game attracts millions of gamers from gameplay to graphics. Players will perform actions on the vertical screen. Every battle that takes place is both a challenge and an opportunity to prove yourself. Adventure in each dungeon, wielding the sword to fight.

Explore diverse arsenals of weapons, power up to wage war. You will be travelling around the area, encountering countless types of enemies. You will need to have a different strategy for each opponent to make them receive death. Go to the location where the enemy appears and claim your position right away!

Coming to Blade Idle, you transform into a brave girl. Her appearance was completely different from what she would show when entering battle. In front of countless dangerous enemies, go to war to defeat them all. This dramatic gameplay will make every gamer feel excited.

Conquer every challenge and become a legendary hero. The battle screen will bring many surprises ahead. Indeed, when participating in playing Blade Idle, players will not be disappointed when choosing. Enjoy intense battles and confrontations with cruel monster bosses.

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The female knight’s battle journey

The character will have a mechanism to attack consecutively before the enemy automatically. Strength and willpower are the factors that make overcoming difficulties easier. However, depending on the stages, the challenge will also be greater. The difficulty will increase gradually through the level, and just a tiny flaw will lead to defeat. Navigate the knight move to the dungeons and perform the attack.

This journey will be extremely arduous, consuming a lot of energy. Victory will be for you when you have the determination to fight to the end. At the same time, building a strategy in each battle is very important. Observe the direction and actions of the enemy to have the right way to attack.

Hundreds of equipment and weapons

When it comes to the arsenal of weapons, Blade Idle will not disappoint players. The sword will be the primary battle tool and your companions in the battle. It will be upgraded through each battle screen, improving the ability to defeat the opponent. Gloves, armour and countless other equipment also support when attacking.

You need to choose and use it in specific cases to create your own advantage. Each weapon tool is the fastest way to reach victory. Facing dozens of enemies is no longer a problem when you have a powerful weapon in hand. So upgrade and equip your knights to complete their quests brilliantly.

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Change the appearance of the character

To make the character fresher, players can make changes to their appearance. Customize your outfit with unique outfits and gear. Countless choices are available to you, transform the female knight with the style you want.

Combine with the ultimate skill to make the knight more perfect. Kill all monster bosses, not giving them a chance to counterattack. Experience training and accompany the female warrior in every battle. Download Blade Idle mod adventure in dungeons, show strength in fierce fighting.

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