Benji Bananas MOD APK v1.48 (Unlimited bananas)

Adventure games always bring a new sense of entertainment and discovery. This is what makes players attracted, want to find more new things. Benji Bananas is one of those games where an active monkey accompanies you. Perform the task of getting the bananas to bring back to the girlfriend.

The journey to get bananas will also take place with quite a few challenges, requiring the ingenuity of monkeys. Together with Benji overcame all difficulties to get delicious bananas for his girlfriend at home. Enter an exciting adventure, collect as many bananas.

Download Benji Bananas mod – Accompany Benji to collect bananas

Benji Bananas, published by Animoca Brands, follows a monkey on a mission. The fun and dynamism through each game screen will be what you feel. At the same time, it will also have to go through many difficulties when there are constantly obstacles on the road.

You will have to lead the monkey through safely, performing all clever actions. Running, jumping, swinging on high will be the movements that help the monkey quickly complete the task. The more bananas you collect, the higher the score will be.

The girlfriend is looking forward to and waiting for Benji’s return with many bananas. So don’t let her down and make the wait pointless. The scene takes place in a green forest with many trees. Various difficult terrain will be a big obstacle for monkeys. Players will have the task of navigating the character to move skillfully.

Just collect bananas and explore majestic landscapes. This beautiful graphic design also creates a more relaxing feeling for players. Quickly conquer all levels of play, and achieve the best achievement.

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Explore all the scenic spots

You and the monkey Benji will be going through many different locations. Temple ruins, waterfalls, jungle… will be landmarks in Benji Bananas. A multitude of terrains will be provided, facing any challenge.

Many dangerous situations will also occur that players need to respond to quickly. When moving through the waterfall will appear quite a lot of abyss, you need to jump high to go through.

The jungle is home to many demons, they can attack and steal your bananas. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on prevention and have a timely response in all cases. Conquer all dangers in each location, with the monkey overcoming all challenges.

Upgrade for monkey Benji

The journey of collecting bananas has never been easy. Benji’s power will also decrease after a while in the quest. Upgrading and equipping Benji with new abilities is something to pay attention to. You can buy costumes for Benji to help the monkey fly higher and farther.

Combine with accessories such as glasses, hats… change hairstyle. In addition, Benji Bananas also provides a lot of special skills. Head Start, tiger smack, snake oil will help increase mobility, attack tigers and move without slipping. Using those skills skillfully will also help Benji go through danger quickly.

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Improve children’s cognitive ability

Not only bringing ordinary entertainment value but Benji Bananas is also considered an educational method. Especially for children, it also creates excitement when exploring the animal world. Children will have access to many different animals, understand more about their characteristics. The names, preferences, and characteristics of each species will also be detailed.

Thereby, children can both have fun and improve their understanding. Not stopping there, Benji Bananas also makes the children love animals more and experience all kinds of exciting things. Download Benji Bananas mod journey to get bananas for your girlfriend with Benji monkey.

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