Beat Fire MOD APK v1.1.94 (Unlimited coins)

Beat Fire music game with vibrant music collections. Create your favorite music with catchy tunes. The game offers utterly new gameplay, chosen by music enthusiasts. Even without the skills, the player can still create the melodies as desired. Countless popular songs, for you to enjoy every day.

Do the same with easy on-screen operations, move and make lots of music sounds. Beat Fire gives you the feeling of being a musical artist, creating a variety of music yourself. Combine many hit songs and create your style through each lyric.

The feeling of immersing in the endless world of music, is wonderful, isn’t it? EDM songs create an exciting atmosphere, letting you forget all the stress. To enhance the experience to the top, put on headphones and feel the same.

Each sound will bring you to enjoy all the climax emotions. Countless songs for players to choose from and almost no cost. Pick your pieces and start playing your music. Complete the excellent level, move accurately on the targets to get the highest score.

Download Beat Fire mod – EDM music space with exciting songs

As a music lover, especially EDM tracks, you cannot ignore Beat Fire. One of the games offers a large number of music tracks. Use the gun and shoot at the bricks that appear on the screen. Each time it shoots, it will make a sound. Combined with the tune of the player’s chosen song, Beat Fire will deliver the best tracks. At the same time, the game interface is also extremely eye-catching.

The colors and lights are no different in real life. Create a majestic space and attract all eyes. Different from the gameplay of some games of the same genre, bringing a completely different experience. The music has its style, attractive game mode. Join Beat Fire and get diverse music lyrics.

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Various songs

Enjoy a wide variety of songs from different genres. DJ, Hip hop, electronic music… all are popular music. Players are free to choose the songs they like. In addition, in the level play, the number of tracks is also more. Selected at random and start with musical challenges presented.

Beat Fire is also constantly updated every day, making the music collection more and more complete. It can be said that Beat Fire has brought a vast music store, offering choices according to each person’s preferences. Enter the world of songs, performed by talented artists from all over the world.

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Guns and musical bricks

Not an action shooting or fighting game. But Beat Fire gives you guns. This also makes some gamers wonder, right? This will be the gun so that each player will shoot at the bricks. It will help create the music sound and bring the experience here.

The bricks will also be changed to new images through each level. This will also generate excitement and want to be conquered more through each round. Unlock more guns and bricks, participate in all game levels. Relax and enjoy the feeling of being at a grand concert. All will get this only when you come to Beat Fire.

Graphics and sound

What makes Beat Fire stand out is the graphics. Invest in beautiful images, giving you the feeling of being in the actual music arena. The sound mixing here is also highly qualified. Let the player hear and enjoy all the music. The sounds of gunfire, along with the music, make a difference in each lyric.

Each effect of each song is true to EDM music. This will be the place for true EDM fans. Go to each level of play and discover more new dimensions of Beat Fire. Colorful lights and bricks, rich lyrics for anyone to enjoy. Download Beat Fire mod and play music with EDM versions.

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