Battle Legion MOD APK v2.6.0 (Menu/Damage multiplier/God mode)

Coordinate with the army to fight and attack the opponent. This is always a game theme that is loved by the gaming community. If you are also a fan of army combat gameplay, Battle Legion is a suggestion. Players will participate in each battle to destroy the enemies.

You will be present as the commander, leading your teammates to complete the match well. Present in every struggle, accomplishing the goal of destroying the opponent. Build battle units, eliminate each enemy. Show as a supreme commander, with his teammates marching to the enemy base.

Download Battle Legion mod – Command troops on all battlefields

Battle Legion opens a battlefield with the appearance of a large number of enemies. The two armies will join the battle, confronting in thrilling battles. Together with leading each soldier, arrange suitable positions to attack. Move towards the army, perform aggressive, offensive actions.

Accomplish the target and destroy the evil bosses. Shows ways to hit and make enemies unstoppable. Victory will depend on the ability to direct, the strength of the whole team. Combine attacks and quickly dodge counterattacks from the enemy. Observe the enemy, create advantages to overcome all dangers easily.

To start fighting, players will have to develop battle plans. Command the corps to execute quick hit, quick win, eliminate all enemies. Step by step into the battle, rushing before a series of formidable enemies. Look at each direction, how to fight the opponent to have a reasonable response.

Timely stopping powerful attacks, causing the enemy to abandon the plot quickly. Dramatic gameplay, many unexpected developments will take place through each match. Arrange each battle position, defend closely so as not to be defeated by the enemy.

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Build a mighty army

Fight with a large number of enemies, many bosses with great power. To fight the enemy, you will need to coordinate with many soldiers. Recruit good warriors, capable of fighting in all different battles. Dare to face challenges and dangers to get the victory.

Customize each unit, giving each warrior a mission. Train skills, provide them with the training to be able to confront enemy bosses. A strong squad will be the way for you to overthrow the enemy team quickly. Arrange the appropriate position, fully equipped with the power to get the army ready for battle.

Fierce battleground

After completing the task of building the squad, the next thing will be to face the battle. Take your teammates to the battlefield and continuously create counterattacks. The enemy will also not stand idly by, causing danger and a great hindrance to the entire army. Face the challenges together, challenge many other players.

The opportunity for you to show your power and battle strength on the enormous battlefield. Moreover, this is also the time for players to learn new strategies. Based on the observation of the enemy’s fighting style, you will gain more experience in battle. Since then, confronting the enemy is no longer an obstacle. Battle Legion takes you to many different battlefields, challenging every enemy in the world.

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Design of units and combat vehicles

The role of the commander is enormous, always giving tactics to combine with soldiers, in charge of directing dozens of army units, bringing each warrior into battle. At the same time, prepare a full range of vehicles from warplanes and support weapons. Increases strength and accelerates attack speed, creating great danger for enemies.

Preparing well and caring will also help you and the whole team have a high chance of winning. Attack and deliver the most vigorous counterattack, causing all enemies to receive death. Choose state-of-the-art weapons that deal consequential damage to fend off evil enemies.

Each battle will bring challenges and tasks for players to perform. After each war, strengthen the entire army, build new skills. Improved strategies to better suit enemy fighting styles. Download Battle Legion mod directs the whole army to fight, destroy the enemy army on all battlefields.

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