BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! MOD APK v5.6.0 (Menu/No bad damage)

Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! It is the place where exciting music parties take place. Bringing together people who are gifted with music and passionate about this field. Players will be connected and interact with the music community.

Develop popular bands, show talent on stage. Step by step grows strongly, becoming a famous artist. Lead the characters to pursue their dreams, accompany the band members. Create a reputation, achieve great success in your career.

Download BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! mod – Exciting music party

Music is growing, bringing many different styles of music. Spreading the entertainment comes from the music wave from countries such as the UK, the US, Korea… That has also been the idea that game publishers have brought into many games.

Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! It is one of those games that cannot be ignored. The game will be a place for players to immerse themselves in diverse music melodies. Accompanying a girl band with a beautiful singer. Provide you with game modes, bringing music attraction to listeners. Join the party and play with your favorite song.

Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! is based on the music of the land of cherry blossoms. The game was quickly chosen by the gaming community after a short time of launch. Many levels from easy to difficult for players to conquer. Start with the song, the melody, show your talent through the lyrics.

The party will no longer be boring when the music is played. Training many prestigious artists, in harmony with the rhythms. Experience the world of music with many new breakthroughs. With the girls in harmony with each song, perform with good music.

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Music advisor

You will be a music organizer, recruiting people with the same passion to work. Looking for someone who loves music, has a talent for performing. Selected to assemble a band with young talent. Many other tasks will also be set, players need to overcome them.

Every girl appears with a beautiful appearance. They are the members that you need to manage. Training and teaching more experience in the profession. Listen to tunes and bands from every country, your favorite song.

Find out and pick out hot musical talents. Play the role of a person with many skills, join the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!. A concert with good performances, bringing satisfaction to listeners. Challenge multiple game modes in BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!.

Girl band

7 bands will appear in the game, providing a dynamic musical atmosphere. With music groups like  Poppin’Party, Afterglow, Pastel Palettes, Roselia, Hello, Happy World, Morfonica, RAISE A SUILEN. All will bring a lot of good music for the audience to enjoy.

Create live concerts with a fun atmosphere. The bands all gather many girls with personalities, playing good music. Interact and help the band reach the heights of fame. They will be famous artists, bringing to listeners famous music.

Players will also take on the role of the initiator, constantly learning about the music every day. Ignite passion, live with songs every day. Hone more skills, develop more in the next time. Leave a strong impression on the audience after each performance.

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Play mode

Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! included there are two main modes for you to choose from. Includes single-player and multiplayer modes. Join 4 other players to form a band. Compete with other music groups, achieve high achievements. Continuously innovating music style, building an impressive image.

Not only challenge other bands but also compete with other members of the group themselves. After each excellent completion of the performance, many rewards will be given to you. Continue to the next level of play, explore the life of a music artist. Conquer challenges, missions through each game round.

Music world with famous bands. Convergence of bright, musically gifted members. Start with your journey to stardom. Live with your own passion, show your talent through multi-melody music. Download BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! mod path to a famous music artist.

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