Auto Hero MOD APK v1. (God mode)

Auto Hero is an automatic shooting game with dramatic battles. The fiery and thrilling shooting screen will let you show your own abilities. Opponents will appear in large numbers, creating great pressure. Control your warrior and aim at each target.

Speed and skill are the factors that help achieve high achievements. Will you give up in the face of dangers or defy everything? Auto Hero will be a challenging battle that players need to face. Go forward and defeat every monster, and become the best warrior.

Download Auto Hero mod – Shooting battles to destroy monsters

The game is built on a 2D platform combined with automatic shooting. Players efficiently perform all operations and let the warrior close to the enemy. Each opponent will be a challenge and an opportunity to duel when appearing. The cruel monsters will bring great danger and quest.

The strength and bravery of the player are also what determines the outcome of this confrontation. Navigate the character to move, do not let the other evil enemies exist, enter the thrilling battle, conquer the levels, and make all enemies have to receive a tragic end.

Role-playing as a muscular gunman, single-handedly sweeping all enemies. The only weapon will be the rifle that accompanies you in every battle. The destructive power of each monster will also become stronger, causing many great obstacles. Your hero also needs to put all his energy into dealing with them.

With fully automatic firing, you just have to let the warrior aim at the monster’s location. Pay attention to attack in all directions, timely dodge each enemy’s bullets. Upgrade superheroes, and possess top-notch skills to complete noble missions.

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Fight with hundreds of monsters

The enemy to destroy is the ferocious monsters. They will always find a way to attack you in any range. Need to observe and have quick reflexes to eliminate opponents quickly. This is one of the immediate challenges that need to be faced. Do you dare to risk yourself in front of monsters and duel them? Things don’t become scary anymore if there is enough determination.

It’s not just a quest, but it also enhances combat abilities. Each time the warrior successfully destroys the monsters, the warrior will also receive the corresponding rewards. The number of opponents increases gradually through the level, requiring agility during combat. Try to conquer all, the results achieved will not let you down.

140 weapons and equipment

The arsenal is modern guns and accompanying equipment. Players are exposed to diverse collections of guns, which can be used in all combat situations. Rifles, bomb guns, glasses, and scarves will be things with great destructive power. Choose the right gun and aim at the right targets.

The skill of aiming will also be a decisive factor in the opponent’s survival. Don’t make mistakes if you don’t want to be defeated by them. Instead, take full advantage of the combination with the gun to make all monsters take the death penalty.

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Destiny saves the world

The noble mission of the warrior is to help bring peace to the world. Those monsters are causing harm, causing everything to become panic. Your hero will be the one who holds the mission to save the whole world.

Go to the area where the enemies gather, ready to attack them consecutively. Dodge the blows made by the enemy, do not give the enemy a chance to counterattack. Collect more coins each time you complete an agent, upgrading the warrior to become stronger. Download Auto Hero mod to destroy monsters with accurate bullets.

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