33RD: Random Defense MOD APK v3.5.2 (Menu/DMG, defence multiple)

When it comes to fighting, you immediately think of talented heroic boxers, right? 33RD: Random Defense will be a completely different look and bring an exciting experience to you. Accompany animals to battle in the arenas, quickly destroying enemies.

The battle takes place with many dangerous challenges for players to face. Each animal will gather strength to fight on all fierce battlefields. Duel with a series of enemies, showing strength through each fierce attack.

Prevent action from opponents, the invasion they are plotting to make. The warriors in 33RD: Random Defense are cute animals, ready to declare war on any enemy.

Download 33RD: Random Defense mod – Cute animals go to war

The survival entertainment game opens the fiercest battles in history. The scene is shown with the battlefield with the presence of countless enemies. They will surround and do whatever they can to achieve their goal. The number of enemy troops is also quite large, creating great pressure every time you go to battle.

Publisher Wondersquad has designed the gameplay to entertain gamers every day. Participate in each battle and resist every counterattack from the enemy. Continuously deliver attacks and develop specific strategies to crush all enemies. Not only for players to show their strength, but also an exciting journey with animals.

The animal arena is shown with a series of battles that will take place. Realistic simulation of each attack, move to battle areas. Each animal will be a member of the squad declaring war, determined to destroy the enemy.

The game includes many levels for the player to attack and lead the characters into battle. With a normal appearance, but each animal has extreme destructive power. Confront the giant boss, head the enemy armies. You will play the role of a commander, arranging the right squad to conquer all challenging levels.

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Hand-to-hand combat with the enemy

The process of participating in the war will create many dramatic, unexpected developments. The animals will form a team to fight together to attack dangerous opponents. Many battles will be played to be challenged by every other player in the world. Create goals and duel each formidable enemy.

Develop a reasonable strategy to have a way to deal with many opponents. Every time you successfully destroy an enemy, the chance of victory is not far away. However, in front of the whole army of animals will have to face the challenge, the attack combos they create.

Tower defense character

Combat on the battlefield also needs to be combined with tower defense. These cute animals will be the force to carry out this mission. Divide into a team to confront the enemy units and a team to defend the base. More than 50 diverse animals are provided, you will have to take care of them to grow.

Train more experience, face the enemy boss, have attacks that make the enemy unstoppable. Collect and add to a large army, contributing to building a complete battle formation. Focus on defense to promptly handle the surprise attack that the enemy makes, quickly dodge all actions that the opponent causes.

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Unlock the mage

The mage is a force with many unique skills and strong destructive power. This is an important factor, joining you to fight on all fronts. Train all skills, use magic to hit fast, win fast. Each magician will be equipped with experience and weapons before entering the battle.

Magical magicians can create a series of attack combos, destroying many opponents. Summon to join the fight, coordinate to conquer all the challenges that 33RD: Random Defense brings. Train each new tactical wizard, increasing your power level through each battle level.

Tower defense battles and attacks from evil monsters. Make sure you are ready and fully equipped to attack the battle. Be courageous and dare to face a large number of enemies, asserting your strength. Download 33RD: Random Defense mod joins the tower defense battle, destroys all formidable enemies.

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